Big Fag Press - July 2015 Newsletter
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Share a PL8 workshop with guest artist Mirra Whale

Big Fag Press is excited to collaborate with Mirra Whale on our next printing workshop in the "Share a PL8" series!

The 2-day workshop runs across two Saturdays, August 8 and 22.
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Mirra is best known for her exquisite drawings, portraiture (her painting of the late Tom Uren was a finalist in the Archibald last year) and large scale prints of weeds. See some more of Mirra's work here.

This August, Mirra will join the Big Fag team for a "small numbers + high attention" offset lithography workshop. You will learn how to create a beautiful artwork inspired by the long standing tradition of still life. 

The workshop is spread across two Saturdays in August. Mirra will guide you through the steps of creating an artwork inspired by a still life, which in turn will be editioned in the second part of the learning process.

You will be introduced to the mysterious and alluring art of metal plate lithography, and get to produce your very own limited edition artwork. Sign them, date them and voila’ ! - you take home a set of presents for your loved ones!

For more information, what to expect, what to prepare and how much head here. Only 8 tickets available!

Hot off the Press: The Daughters Project

Big Fag Press recently printed The Daughters Project Zine by Tammy Brennan.

Tammy's project aims to spark cross-cultural dialogue about the urgent social problem of violence against women.

Louise Anderson from Big Fag Press worked closely with Tammy to produce the zine, which is linked to Tammy's bigger project The Daughters Opera.


Big Fag Press responds to the Australia Council funding cuts

The recent announcement by the Federal Government of its "National Program for Excellence in the Arts" has sparked alarm among creative folks across the nation.

In this blog post, Big Fag Press responds, explaining how arms-length, peer reviewed arts funding is an asset of national significance, which we should fight to retain.

Re-release: Naomi Stead and Katrina Schlunke's Sydney Letters

This week we were delighted to have a visit from Brisbane architectural theorist Naomi Stead, who first printed with us way back in 2010.

We have now re-editioned her popular "Sydney Letters" print, produced in collaboration with Sydney scholar Katrina Schlunke. 

The print consists of a lively exchange of emails between the two artists, reflecting on key artefacts within the Sydney urban landscape arranged alphabetically.

Typographic design is by Trina Day.

The new edition has a limited run of 25, and you can snap up a copy for only $80 here

Naomi is in town to launch her new exhibition at Tin Sheds Gallery - it's called Portraits of Practice, and it exposes the demographic realities of some major architectural companies in Sydney. 

The photographic images in the show portray the minutiae of an ordinary day in the life of a (woman) architect, presenting a visual archealogy of a particular architectural socio-culture at one historic moment while also increasing the visibility of women architects and their achievements within architecture.