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UIMA February 2018 Update

Written by Micheal Busenitz, UIMA pilot in Mexico
If one were to ask what single word best describes the 21st century, one answer might be: “movement.”  People travel with greater ease and frequency than ever before.  Cities and towns bustle with cars and pedestrians moving from one appointment to another.  Huge amounts of data fly down wires, bounce off satellites, and arrive on the other side of the globe at the speed of light.  Money travels internationally in a blur of electronic digits.  Movement.

Missions, too, is impacted by movement.  As a matter of fact, that is what UIM Aviation exists to facilitate.  Missionaries move to and from their places of ministry, sick people need to be transported to hospitals, supplies need to be moved to mission stations, and UIM airplanes accomplish those tasks.

Apparently incongruous with the flurry of movement around them, time has seemingly stood still for people in some of the places where UIM Aviation flies.  There appears to be little change, little growth, little movement.  And yet, upon closer inspection, growth is perceptible.
Jordan and Amy Husband with their baby, Lily, who will be building a house.
 Pete Hypki who just presented the Gospel.
John Steinbacher and Kevin Case who are consultants.
Two weeks ago I was on a flight, which reminds me that change, although slow, is happening even in the remote areas of Mexico’s mountains.  On board the plane was a young family.  They had just finished language study and were now moving to the next phase of their ministry: joining their teammates in the village.  What a privilege it was to fly these folks so that they could strategize the construction of their mountain home and plan their first steps in ministry.  We pray that their move into the tribe goes well.

During the family’s four days in the village, they witnessed another movement.  Five years ago the first missionaries moved into the tribe, learned the language, and translated key parts of Scripture.  For the last few months, they had been teaching the foundation for the presentation of the gospel.  The very week the new teammates visited, that village heard for the first time in their own language the story of Christ’s death and resurrection.  Our prayer is that they understand, come to faith in Christ, and move from darkness to light.
Also on board the flight that day were two mission leaders.  One of them just announced that after more than three decades of missionary service, he and his wife will be moving to accept a U.S. based ministry. It has been a privilege to serve these faithful servants who translated the New Testament into yet another tribal langue. Pray for them as they move on to the next stage and for the village church they helped to establish.

Movement.  Young missionaries moving into new works.  Seasoned missionaries finishing their work and moving home.  Most importantly, God’s Word moving into new areas and moving the hearts of people.  We at UIM Aviation count it a great privilege to play a part.  Thank you for your faithful prayer and partnership in ministry. 
999 is Back in the Air!
Written by Micheal Busenitz, UIMA pilot in Mexico
Thank you for helping getting 999 back in the air!  A number of months ago it went into the shop for an engine rebuild and a number of modifications.  Last month it returned to service and is again stationed in Mexico.  We praise the Lord for these tremendous tools, for great mechanics, and for faithful friends who help keep them running.
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