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We Asked and YOU Answered!
Written by Kim Farmer, UIMA pilot's wife in Tepic, Mexico

29C is back in the air and the annual is complete! Thanks to all of you and your quick response and generous donations.  We raised the funds to replace both of the landing gear castings within about a week! How amazing is that! The repairs were made quickly, and the plane returned to the field right away.  No ministry flights had to be canceled. Just a few days after arriving back on the field, we received a emergency medical evacuation request for a pregnant woman.  We praise the Lord we were able to respond!  

Thank you for your generous gifts, and praise the Lord for His provision! 

The repaired plane by the hangar in Tepic, Mexico!

Just Another Takeoff

Written by Micheal Busenitz, UIMA chief pilot

The engine idled smoothly as we taxied toward the takeoff runway last Wednesday in Chihuahua, Mexico. With the pre-takeoff checklist completed, I glanced at the windsock, squinting against the bright morning sun. It told a familiar tale for this time of year: a lot of wind blowing across the runway.

After checking the windsock, I advised the passengers what to expect immediately after takeoff as we sought to counteract the crosswind. Crosswinds have the greatest impact on an airplane just after liftoff and just before landing. At the slower airspeeds, the winds can force the aircraft off course or cause it to roll unexpectedly.
The view from the plane 

We reached the end of the runway, lined up for takeoff, and eased the throttle forward. As the airplane left the ground, the right wing was immediately lowered into the wind, counteracting its force which was trying to push us off course. We continued to accelerate and steepened the climb. At 500’ above the ground, the flaps were retracted. At 1,000’ above the ground, engine power was reduced from takeoff settings to climb settings. Out came the climb checklist. Another takeoff was done, and we settled in for a 3½ hour flight to Baja California, where tribal missionaries are tackling a difficult, indigenous, tonal language.

Missionaries working on translating the Bible.

A takeoff may seem routine. Every flight has at least one. Why make a point of it here? Because just a few hours after I took off, an airliner would roar past the same windsock. As the airliner’s nose lifted for takeoff, the left wing dipped, impacted the runway, and scraped along for 1,310’ causing significant damage and forcing it to return. If you are a regular recipient of this mailer, you are regularly asked to pray for safety in UIM operations. The Lord has answered your prayers countless times. What may seem routine is in fact God’s continuing watch care. Thank you for your vital part in praying for this ministry. And thank you in advance for continuing to do so!

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From the Director:

Bryon Brock
This year marks the twentieth year since my family moved to Tucson to direct UIM Aviation. Recently, I have thought about a hypothetical question the Lord might ask when I find myself standing in front of Him someday. The question would sound like this: "What have you done for me, Bryon?" Of course, my response would be: "I have directed a ministry." I wrestled with this question until I landed upon, "How many disciples have you personally made?" How would you answer that? Matthew 28:19 encourages us to make disciples of all nations. Having Biblical knowledge, faithfully doing your devotions, and giving to the poor are all great deeds, but making disciples should be the result and was also a command. Yes, I lead men into ministry battles, but how intentional am I in making disciples for Jesus? This is the primary reason why UIM Aviation exists, to see churches planted where there are none. You cannot have a church without first making disciples.
Please partner with us in prayer. Those in the remote mountains of Mexico are searching for something, and we have the answer. Just maybe, God wants to use us to help plant the seed.
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