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UIMA August 2018 Update

ADS-B Tucson Update
Written by Bethany Timblin

ADS-B! What is that? Well, I am here to tell you! The ADS-B is a piece of equipment that goes into the plane and is used for communication. It creates a better way for the aircraft to communicate with the traffic controller. It is also a form of GPS for tracking the flight plans. Through this GPS, both the traffic controllers and other pilots can keep track of the planes. 

Why did I just tell you all about the ADS-B? It is because UIMA’s plane, 999, is in need of one. The ADS-B is a new regulation made by the FAA. This means that the plane has to have it installed by January 1stof 2020, or the aircraft will not be permitted to fly. 

This is a typical ADS-B unit current installed 52Q

One ADS-B unit is estimated to be around $4,000. This is quite a big chunk of money that we do not have. I am writing to ask if this is something that the Lord would ask you to give towards. If he is laying on your heart to give, please visit the 'Donate' button linked below. Every single bit helps tremendously! 

Donate to the ADS-B Unit
New Office Manager
Written by Bethany Timblin

Hello everyone! This is Bethany Timblin, new to the UIMA office. She recently graduated from Liberty University and returned to Tucson to use her business major knowledge in working with UIMA. She will be taking over the office management position while Callene returns to school to get her degree. We are very excited to have her working in the office. 

The roles she will be taking over will include event coordination, donor management, social media, general daily office work and so forth. She will be in the office most days of the week, so please don’t hesitate to reach out if there anything she can help you with. She is more than willing to serve.

We are praising the Lord for His provision of Bethany to fill this role. Our pilots and mechanics would not be able to fully utilize their skills without skilled and gifted people like Bethany and Callene serving in our office. What I would also like to communicate is the need to fund this position. Most of the funds sent to UIMA get directed toward paying for flights to carry the Gospel to some of the most remote under-engaged peoples in the world.

The challenge is that more and more church mission's budgets go toward only funding frontline missionaries. It is also challenging to find and fund good office help. People are busy and budgets are tight. Most have willing hearts but they can only volunteer on a limited basis. As you can imagine from the list above, maintaining a ministry can be more than a full-time job. That is why I am reaching out to you all to pray about how God might use you to help support this vital ministry within UIMA.

I have established a project within UIM to help fund this position. Would you consider clicking on the link below to donate toward funding our office manager position?

Donate to the Office Manager Position
Give to UIM Aviation
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