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UIMA October 2017 Update

Dinner at the Hangar

Ministry continues to change in Mexico. In the last several years, there has been a large increase in native pastors flying on UIMA aircraft. These pastors continue to reach their own tribes in their native language with the gospel of Christ. What hasn’t changed, however, is the financial burden for these pastors. They are unable to pay the cost associated with using a UIMA aircraft. As a result, UIMA covers the majority of costs to keep these flights available. Given the amount of flying taking place for these pastors, the amount of available funds for these flights are dwindling rapidly. 

To meet these needs, UIM Aviation will be hosting a dinner at the hangar to raise funds! Food and drink will be provided. The dinner will be held at UIM Aviation's headquarters: 6230 S Airfield Dr. Hangar #1. Tucson, AZ. 85735. 

Please RSVP by November 1st on UIM Aviation's Facebook page event, or by emailing the office administrator, Callene Ross, at

If you cannot attend, do not fret! You can still give to the ministry by clicking on the donate button below.  
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Visiting Tepic, Mexico

Written by Callene Ross, wife of a UIMA pilot
Since joining UIM Aviation last January, my husband has flown to Mexico and back numerous times, but never as far south as Tepic, Nayarit. I also had the privilege of joining him, as well as our aviation director and his wife. 

Needless to say, it was definitely an eye-opening experience to see what it was like for our missionaries living in a third-world country! There was the usual: don't brush your teeth with the tap water, don't flush toilet paper, the confusion in learning a new culture, etc. And then the unusual: flying into a remote village airstrip in the Sierra Madre mountains. 
Laying our lives in Jasson Farmer and Clif Huntting's capable piloting, we set off early morning after the weather had cleared. Flying over remote mountainous regions was definitely nerve-wracking! Looking down across the vast landscape, I quickly realized there were no places to land in the unlikely event of an emergency landing. I started praying right away! 
Clutching the seat with sweaty palms, I hardly had a chance to take in the sights without thinking what it would be like to survive in the dense jungle. 

We made it, though! It was wonderful seeing Jasson and Clif work in their element. They have flown the same route hundreds of times. 

I appreciate our pilots in a new light. Not that I hadn't before, but rather with a new perspective on what happens at our bases. There is definitely a difference between balancing books and being out there on the 'field,' flying supplies and precious lives over inhospitable terrain. 

While sharing some downtime with the pilots, I mentioned my appreciation to Clif Huntting. His response was, "The terrain makes us appreciate our mechanics, as our safety would be compromised without them. Making an emergency landing in the mountains would not be ideal." 

A statement I can now fully understand and empathize with! 
Along with going on a flight, I had some time to speak with the wives about their experience with being missionaries in Mexico. 

While the guys are flying, the wives homeschool the children, which can bring many challenges as well. Not only do they traverse a different culture (even driving to the grocery store brings a sense of stress, as the traffic laws are very different), the wives step out of their role as a mother and into the role of a teacher, which can be hard to do while juggling 13 things in the process of taking care of the family and home. A feat, if you ask me! 

All of this to say, my husband and I are very proud to be apart of UIM Aviation's team. The Lord uses all of us with our gifts and strengths, and stretches us with the trials that come our way. 
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