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UIMA January 2019 Update

Moments Away
Written by Jasson Farmer, pilot in Mexico

"As I held this newborn baby girl in my arms, it hit me that I was just moments away from having her born in the plane while I was flying." 
As I held this newborn baby girl in my arms, it hit me that I was just moments away from having her born in the plane while I was flying. 
We received a call in the morning requesting a medevac for a woman in labor who couldn't deliver her baby. Knowing time was of the essence, we jumped into action. My co-worker, who was already out flying, was unaware of the unfolding events. I knew he would be back shortly, however. So, I readied my flight plan and requested the fuel truck to come out in order to leave as soon as he landed. 
Just before the plane landed, a commercial airliner came it. My co-worker landed and parked the plane to fuel it up. Of course, the commercial flight takes precedence over our plane, and it was fueled first. We waited an hour to receive fuel. While feeling frustrated by the situation and the urgency of this medevac, there wasn’t a lot I could do. 
Finally, I was underway. I climbed up to altitude and leveled off. It was a 45 minute flight to the village. I was about 20 minutes into the flight when I received a text. “No need to come, the baby was just born.” I turned the plane around and returned to our base. 
A few hours later, we received another call from the missionaries saying the mother wasn’t doing well and she hadn’t delivered the placenta. They were going to need the medevac again. We ran back to the airport and I began the 45 minute flight back to the village.
The missionary and the family of this woman greeted me at the mountain airstrip. She hadn’t eaten for three days and was quite weak from spending several hours in labor. I loaded the woman and her newborn baby in the plane along with some of the family members and began the journey back to Tepic.
While I was busy flying, my co-worker in Tepic had organized an ambulance to meet us at the airport by the time we landed. We unloaded the passengers and I got a chance to hold this newborn baby girl. While holding the baby, I began thinking through the day's events. Had I not gotten delayed while waiting for fuel, this little baby that I was now holding in my arms would have been born in the plane. Thank you, Lord, for working out things in your time and not in mine. Sometimes the frustrations in life can be the Lord’s way of working in His perfect timing! I sure am glad He is the one in control of all things!
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