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New Life in Las Moras

Thoughout the years, UIM Aviation has flown for Ethnos 360 church planters in Central Mexico on a regular basis.  We frequently fly supplies to them as well as medical evacuations. This is what Pete Hypki, Ethnos 360 church planter in Central Mexico, has to say about their new group of believers.

This past Sunday, five women, one man, and 10 kids met with our team of four underneath the carport behind our house. The man sat with his girlfriend. One of the women read a Bible verse. Some of the kids did, too. And after we sang and prayed and talked and read together for a while, the five women, one man, and 10 kids gradually headed home.

Pete and Liesl Hypki work with the Nahuatl people along with Rachel Champan and Katie Moore.

It doesn’t sound or look like much when you write it down, but that little paragraph means more than you might think. That little group of people represents the Church – the Nahuatl Church – that just a couple of years ago, didn’t even exist. It’s the unreached having been reached. It’s a group of people who courageously decided to follow Jesus, even though nobody else in their village would join them.

And that man sitting with his girlfriend? Well, he’s the man who came by my house two weeks ago full of questions about how to find a spouse when you’re one of the only believers around. On that day, church planting looked more like giving Christian dating advice, but in reality, it meant wrestling with the truths of who this man once was, and who he is now; reconciling, or rethinking, tradition and faith.

The new church in Las Moras

The woman who read the Bible verse? She’s around 40 years old, and up until a few months ago, didn’t know how to read. Since then, our coworker Katie began her adult literacy program, and that woman is one of the regular attenders. She, for the first time ever, publicly read a Bible verse for our believers’ meeting – our version of a church service. What did she read? “Ya amo unka ten nih kaha waláh! Hihi, shitachiyáh kaha ukikawáh ni kwerpo. Ya uwalyúl!” kinmilí.” In English – “He isn’t here. Look, where His body was laid. He is risen.”

And those kids that read – those are her kids, reading God’s Word in their own language, something that they’d never done before God opened the door for this work to begin. She used to have the kids read the translated Bible portions to her when she couldn’t read. Now, she’s on her way to reading them herself.

Nahualt people learning to read

The singing, the praying, the talking and reading and teaching, they were good. They felt a little awkward at times. It’s something new for them, after all, something these believers are walking through by faith after years of turning to saints and spirits instead. But the newness is okay.

This was Easter Sunday after all. Resurrection is newness. This life they now have is new. What a privilege we have to walk with them in it, to share His message, to be humbled by its effect on their lives, and to grow with them in the simple truth that “He is risen” changes everything – for them, for us, for eternity.


Nathan and Kayla White
Newly Appointed Missionaries with UIMA
Meet Nathan & Kayla White. Kayla is from Jackson, Missouri and Nathan is from Stratford, Texas. Not only did they both grow up in Christian homes, but they are also both pastor's kids. They met at Southern Baptist University in Bolivar, Missouri and married in 2015. Since then they have been blessed with two precious babies- Nora and Hudson.

Nathan and Kayla have recently joined and been accepted into UIMA! We are so excited to have them coming on the mission field as part of our team. As of right now, Nathan and Kayla will be joining our Tucson team, and Nathan will be working as a mechanic in the shop. Nathan will also serve as a pilot, as well. We are asking that you please join us in prayer for them as they are currently raising support! Please pray that the support needed will come in quickly and for encouragement and energy as they are also doing this with two little ones. 
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