Connect, share and empower in Amersham and East Sussex, "My son had been diagnosed with many things before" how a family found clarity etc.
A huge thank you to all the volunteers who made the 2016 PowerWood Camp such a great experience! We hope to see you all again next year. 
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Lunch in Amersham
 The science of over-reaction explained and practical tools to help at home
An invitation to connect over lunch with Simone de Hoogh, founder of PowerWood and families facing the same challenges as you do: 
Thursday 6th October 12.00pm – 3.00pm in Amersham, Buckinghamshire

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Workshop Weekend ‘OE’ East Sussex
(Living with Intensity, sensitivity and hyper reactivity)
Saturday 8th and/or Sunday 9th October
Venue: East Sussex - East Hoathly
Come and join us for one of these or both fantastic events covering two important areas over two days.
Day 1 Connecting Positively With Your ‘OE‘ Child and Teenager
Day 2 Confidently Guiding your ‘OE’ Child and Teenager
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I first contacted PowerWood to try to make sense of my extremely complex son. He had always been unique, I think that is the phrase most people used to describe him! When he first started school at four, both his headmistress and his class teacher said they had never met a child like him before, which they said was both good, and not so good. He's always had great over-reactions to things, he's always been very intense, non-stop questioning, he's always been able to see through things, and wanted to question things until he gets to the absolute bottom of things, and not be fobbed off in any way, shape or form. Read on for more ...
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September's message from Simone*: 
''I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to all the volunteers who dedicate so much time and effort to ensure PowerWood’s growth and sustainability. The last 2.5 years have been life changing for me and I am delighted to be surrounded by so much support and warmth. Thank you!''
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Our friends at Steward Wood need your help! Please sign and share this petition, to help them gain planning permission to stay on the land where they've lived for 16 years. Merlin and Rebecca kindly lend us the solar panels that help put the power in PowerWood Camp!
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PowerWood Project CIC is a not-for-profit Social Enterprise founded by Simone de Hoogh, with the support of many enthusiastic and skilled volunteers

Our Aims and Values
Raise awareness of neurological diversity as a positive force for change in society.

PowerWood supports families with non neuro-typical and overexcitable (OE) individuals leading to more harmonious family life, where people are able to fulfil their passions and dreams.

For those families, we aim to
Provide a safe, non judgemental space to connect, learn and grow together.
Give parents the information, tools and strategies to be able to build their energy reserve, resilience and willpower, and communicate in an effective and caring manner.
Increase access to the natural world and sustainable living.

Our core values
Parents are the experts on ourselves, our children and our family situation.
We celebrate, cherish and embrace our neurodiversity as natural variation.
We offer understanding, compassion and support.
We model being true to ourselves, authentically and happily unique.
We make informed decisions, drawing on a wide range of theories, models and clinical experience,  adapted to personal circumstances,belief systems, and lifestyle choices of each client.

Through taking responsibility for nature, we learn to take responsibility for ourselves and the people we love

* Simone de Hoogh is the founder of PowerWood and an experienced Parenting Consultant, Life Coach, and ‘ECHA Specialist in Gifted Education’ and founder of PowerWoodExperienced in working with a wide range of children and families, she provides information and support for living with atypical and/or overexcitable children. 
Through family and individual support, workshops, and PowerWood Camp, Simone aims to raise awareness, increase understanding, support parents, and improve family dynamics.
Simone has followed a postgraduate programme towards The European Advanced Diploma in Educating the Gifted at the Radboud University in the Netherlands, approved by the European Council of High Ability (ECHA) and received the diploma in 2008.
Simone is also a qualified teacher trainer for World Language developed by Laura Groebbé (2007). Using World Language, children can map their learning and thinking experience.
In 2010 Simone de Hoogh won an award from UnLtd to start the first PowerWood Camp. In 2012 the Lloyds Bank Social Entrepreneurs Programme offered her a fully funded year of learning including a grant to help grow PowerWood further.

Simone has been married to her partner Nic for more then twenty years and is the mother of two young adults.

Copyright © 2016 PowerWood Project CIC, not-for-profit social enterprise, All rights reserved.

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