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Workshop Weekend ‘OE’ (Intensity, hyper-sensitivity and super-reactivity) East Sussex 17-18 October: Connecting Positively and/or Guiding Confidently your OE Child or Teenager
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EAST SUSSEX, East Hoathly Workshops
17th / 18th October 2015
“I went to a workshop with Simone de Hoogh and was amazed about the level of information as well as practical tools I took home with me. It has made so much difference for me in terms of understanding my daughters reactions (as well as mine)."
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“I feel closer to my child today through a better understanding of his behaviour.”

Experience life differently?
Do you know someone who seems to experience life differently from everyone else? Who seems hyper-sensitive, appears to overreact to everyday situations, and who generally seems to experience life more intensely than other people? There's a good chance you do, because one in five people have this combination of ‘OE’ personality traits.

Although ‘OE’ is a shortening of what psychologists refer to as ‘overexcitability’, at PowerWood we prefer to use 'OE’ because these innate traits can be very different from what would normally be described as ‘overexcitable’.  

The leading twentieth century psychologist and psychiatrist Kazimierz Dabrowski identified five areas of intensity: Psychomotor, Sensual, Intellectual, Imaginational and Emotional
An individual may possess aspects of one or several of these. It is not about ticking all the boxes but about the extent and intensity of the experiences.

“I would like to say how hugely helpful and supportive Simone has been in moving me forward with strategies to help me and my daughter when situations become difficult. The service I received was warm, understanding and friendly.”

What is different?
The nervous systems of people with OE are both more sensitive, and more responsive, to stimuli. Having this increased sensitivity, awareness and intensity makes a real difference to how life is experienced. OE personality traits can bring above-average energy, pleasure, enjoyment, creativity, interests and empathy, as well as a deep sense of justice and an urge to make the world a better place for everyone.  However,  2-4% of people experience OE in a way that brings challenges to ordinary family or personal life. People with OE often experience asynchronous development, high-ability, twice-exceptionality (high-ability combined with a learning difficulty eg dyslexia) and sometimes sensory processing and anxiety-related issues.

“I appreciated that you understood my situation and I definitely felt supported and in a trusting space where I could say whatever I wanted as I released my own pent up emotions. ... I felt much happier and lighter at the end of the session. I felt a sense of being empowered.”

Unless it is recognised, appreciated and supported, OE can severely impact quality of life. Even at a young age, affected children and teenagers can become extremely unhappy, display symptoms commonly associated with depression and even express suicidal thoughts.

Parenting differently
Parents of children and teenagers who have OE often feel isolated, and worry about their child’s behaviour. They have usually tried many parenting techniques, which haven’t worked, and may be at their wits’ end. Often parents blame themselves, and unfortunately their social environment may also blame them for their child’s behaviour. It is important for people to know that these children and teenagers need a different style of parenting, teaching and counselling.

The behaviour of children and teenagers with OE may be inappropriate or challenging, and they are often misunderstood and sometimes misdiagnosed. Sometimes parents and individuals worry about mental health issues. If their child has received a diagnosis, they may wonder if it covers what is actually going on.

Individuals with OE often feel different and may struggle to adapt to or rebel against the social environment. It is helpful for individuals to understand where their intensity stems from and to know how such intensity is shared by others. They need to learn how to deal constructively with the anxiety, frustration, self-doubt and maybe even self-loathing that can accompany their OE.

You are not alone
PowerWood organises all kinds of activities to support children who have OE and their families.
PowerWood is a growing community which raises awareness about OE and offers information and validation, together with tools and strategies for living positively with OE.
We provide a variety of  fun and educational events including workshops, individual family support, free informal meetings with a professional, celebrations and - the highlight of our year - the PowerWood Camp.

PowerWood Workshops:
Empowering parents with the skills needed

A key aim of both workshops is to empower parents with the skills needed to help their child to understand and be in charge of their own emotions, behaviour and needs and support intense, super-sensitive and hyper-reacitve (OE) children develop independent skills to understand and deal constructively with their own feelings and needs. You’ll also be introduced to strategies that can make challenging situations more manageable and build greater communication. 
The workshops will be led by Simone de Hoogh, the founder of PowerWood.

"Meeting other like-minded parents and feeling able to express myself truthfully. I feel validated by meeting Simone, and the other parents."

 Further Information 

"The chance to chat with other families, feeling empowered and hopeful, thank you!" (mum of 2 boys)

Free Online OE Questionnaire
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"Connecting Positively with your 'OE' Child or Teenager"

Saturday 17th October 10am-4pm


"Really helped me understand myself - I felt validated, heard and empowered. Love the emphasis on balance and intentions when parenting or trying to change your own behaviour." ( mum of the seven-year and four-year-old)
Read what other parents thought

"Connecting Positively with your 'OE' Child or Teenager" is designed to help you understand what you and your child need to enable positive dialogue and develop a clear connection.  You’ll learn how strong emotions may affect development and behaviour, as well as discovering more about influencing factors such as Asynchronous Development, OverExcitability and High Ability.

"I thought it was brilliant.Very inspiring and and just what we needed for our family. I gained confidence in myself and my choices and to get tools to help our family." Mum of a nine and two-year-old.

This workshop will help parents with the skills needed to help their child to understand and control their own emotions and behaviour. You’ll also be introduced to strategies that can make challenging situations more manageable and build greater communication. The workshop will be led by Simone de Hoogh.

"Simone - very knowledgeable and shared your knowledge in structured way so very understandable. Really liked the final exercise, where we decided how to make a plan for a child." Mum of a 15 and 10-year-old.

 "Every part, more time to discuss examples and process information would be great, I’d gladly do another day on it! Thank you for a wonderfully informative day." ( mum of 2 boys and one girl)

"Guiding Confidently your 'OE' Child or Teenager"

Sunday 18th October 10am-4pm

"Love the fact that the view is taken that children with overexcitabilities are viewed as talented, gifted and special in a really positive way. I enjoyed it all." Mum of a four an eight-year-old.
Read what other parents thought

One-Day Workshop for parents, carers and professionals that have been to the ‘Connecting positively with your ‘OE’ Child and/or Teenager” and is designed to help you support your child be in charge of their emotions and needs. You’ll learn how emotional stress may influence intellectual, emotional, practical ability and communication, as well as discovering more about important aspects in communication such as involuntary mechanisms, neurological pathways and how to give the biggest gift in life to your child or teenager: the ability to change.

Addressing individual requirements
This workshop will also be more tailored to your needs as participants are invited to list beforehand any particular challenges related to the social and emotional needs of your child/teenager by email and any subjects you would like Simone de Hoogh to cover. This information will, if possible, be used in designing the programme, but individual details will remain confidential. The workshop will be led by Simone de Hoogh.

"The fact that I feel closer to my child today through a better understanding of his behaviour."
Dad of an eight and two- year-old.

Further information or Booking of one or both Workshops
You can find further information or go to the event and booking page for the workshops or contact: Mobile: 079 263 66511 or Email: info@powerwood.org.uk
The fee for a one-day workshop is £70, for couples £125, for both days workshops £125, for couples £235. You can apply for concessionary rate by email to info@powerwood.org.uk.
When: Saturday, 17th October or/and Sunday, 18 th October 2015, 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.
Where: East Hoathly, East Sussex.

Booking Page
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Friendship bracelet workshop in the Arts and Crafts area
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Attaching decorations to the 'Mother Tree'
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PowerWood Project CIC is a not-for-profit Social Enterprise developed by Simone de Hoogh, the founder with enthusiastic and skilled volunteers; to raise awareness about ‘overexcitability’ and to offer support, information and understanding as well as tools and strategies for living positively with being different from the norm e.g. Intensity, Sensitivity, Overexcitability, Asynchronous Development and High-Ability to individuals and families with children and teenagers different from the norm.

PowerWood Community

The PowerWood community is growing, with fun and educational events including workshops, family and/or individual support, free informal meetings with a professional, information stands on markets, Celebrations and the annual PowerWood Camp.

* Simone de Hoogh is an experienced Parenting Consultant, Life Coach, a ‘Specialist in Gifted Education’ and founder of PowerWood. Experienced in working with a wide range of children and families, she provides information and support for living with atypical and/or overexcitable children.
Through family and individual support, workshops, and PowerWood Camp, Simone aims to raise awareness, increase understanding, support parents, and improve family dynamics.
Simone has followed a postgraduate programme towards The European Advanced Diploma in Educating the Gifted at the Radboud University in the Netherlands, approved by the European Council of High Ability (ECHA) and received the diploma in 2008.
Simone is also a qualified teacher trainer for World Language developed by Laura Groebbé (2007). Using World Language, children can map their learning and thinking experience.
In 2010 Simone de Hoogh won an award from UnLtd to start the first PowerWood Camp. In 2012 the Lloyds Bank Social Entrepreneurs Programme offered her a fully funded year of learning including a grant to help grow PowerWood further.

Simone has been married to her partner Nic for more then twenty years and is the mother of a teenager and a young adult.

Copyright © 2015 PowerWood Project CIC, not-for-profit social enterprise, All rights reserved.

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