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Lucinda shares about the PowerWood Workshops
Lucinda shares her experience at the PowerWood Workshop (Youtube 2:37)
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What the workshops will bring you:
- Improve your understanding of your OE Child or Teenager behaviour
- Strategies and Tools that will work
- Enables you to trust your own Instincts
  (and knowing how to explain why to critical others;)
- Grows your Confidence in your own Parenting
- Become part of the vivid, understanding and supportive PowerWood Community
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"Playdates always ended in meltdown"  (or how attending a PowerWood Workshop helped)

Interview by Lucinda Leo* (Children’s names have been changed)

Tell us about how OEs have affected your family

All three of my children (now 10, 8 and 6) have OEs to varying degrees.

Naturally, our steepest learning curve was with our firstborn. Right from the start I noticed that Laura was very sensitive and didn't like changes in her routine. When she was about five we moved to a new area. Because we home-educate I felt pressure to integrate into the local community, but playdates were a nightmare.

Laura has such a powerful imagination, her toys are alive to her - they even have a particular way of speaking and behaving. Laura found it really difficult to share them when other children visited. Visits to other people's house were no easier. Laura struggled to cope with a strange new environment and the other mother (even if the mum was very kind). Read on for the rest of the interview

LONDON, Ealing Workshops Weekend
12th / 13th March 2016

"The chance to chat with other families, feeling empowered and hopeful, thank you!" (mum of 2 boys)

“I went to a workshop with Simone de Hoogh and was amazed about the level of information as well as practical tools I took home with me. It has made so much difference for me in terms of understanding my daughters reactions (as well as mine)."
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You're just in time: BOOK the March Workshop
"Connecting Positively with your 'OE' Child or Teenager"

Saturday 12th March 10am-4pm


"Really helped me understand myself - I felt validated, heard and empowered. Love the emphasis on balance and intentions when parenting or trying to change your own behaviour." (mum of a seven-year and four-year-old)
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"Connecting Positively with your 'OE' Child or Teenager" is designed to help you understand what you and your child need to enable positive dialogue and develop a clear connection.  You’ll learn how strong emotions may affect development and behaviour, as well as discovering more about influencing factors such as Asynchronous Development, OverExcitability and High Ability.

"I thought it was brilliant.Very inspiring and and just what we needed for our family. I gained confidence in myself and my choices and to get tools to help our family." Mum of a nine and two-year-old.

This workshop will help parents with the skills needed to help their child to understand and control their own emotions and behaviour. You’ll also be introduced to strategies that can make challenging situations more manageable and build greater communication. The workshop will be led by Simone de Hoogh.

"Simone - very knowledgeable and shared your knowledge in structured way so very understandable. Really liked the final exercise, where we decided how to make a plan for a child." Mum of a 15 and 10-year-old.

 "Every part, more time to discuss examples and process information would be great, I’d gladly do another day on it! Thank you for a wonderfully informative day." ( mum of 2 boys and one girl)

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PowerWood Camp 2016 6th-13th of August
PowerWood Camp has limited numbers so please prevent any disappointment by booking early.
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PowerWood Camp a place to enjoy the nature, get creative, make friends and have fun!
PowerWood Camp is a not-for-profit, off-grid event organised solely by volunteers. Further information www.powerwood.org.uk or text or ring 079 263 665 11 or email info@powerwood.org.uk.
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"Guiding Confidently your 'OE' Child or Teenager"

Sunday 13th March 10am-4pm

"Love the fact that the view is taken that children with overexcitabilities are viewed as talented, gifted and special in a really positive way. I enjoyed it all." Mum of a four and eight-year-old.
Read what other parents thought

One-Day Workshop for parents, carers and professionals that have been to the ‘Connecting positively with your ‘OE’ Child and/or Teenager” and is designed to help you support your child be in charge of their emotions and needs. You’ll learn how emotional stress may influence intellectual, emotional, practical ability and communication, as well as discovering more about important aspects in communication such as involuntary mechanisms, neurological pathways and how to give the biggest gift in life to your child or teenager: the ability to change.

Addressing individual requirements
This workshop will also be more tailored to your needs as participants are invited to list beforehand any particular challenges related to the social and emotional needs of your child/teenager by email and any subjects you would like Simone de Hoogh to cover. This information will, if possible, be used in designing the programme, but individual details will remain confidential. The workshop will be led by Simone de Hoogh.

"The fact that I feel closer to my child today through a better understanding of his behaviour."
Dad of an eight and two- year-old.

Picture: Traditional Accupuncturist Jennie Dallas gives workshop teaching parents how to calm a child down to help falling asleep during PowerWood Camp
Testimonial  PowerWood Workshops
(mum of 3)
PowerWood's Workshop has given me the information and tools I was looking for and, most importantly, it's given me peace and strength. It's a case of finding a way to live with the practical implications of everyone's imaginations and emotions working overtime, so that there's less struggle and more happiness.

Through PowerWood I've learned how powerful physical contact can be in helping calm down my son when he's going ballistic. And I've found the communication model very useful – it really helps to engage my son's intellect when he's gone off on an emotional rant. With my daughter, I've been able to show her how she's the generator of her imagination, which means she can find some control over what she's imagining, even her bad dreams.
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Save Steward Wood - our  low-impact community needs your urgent help
Steward Wood who always supports PowerWood Camp with off grid facilities e.g. solar panels and all other necessary skills and equipment needs our help NOW... (Youtube 4:15)
OE Awareness Campaign
grow awareness about OE by spreading the general information flyer about OE. Join by sending an email with your home or organisations address and you will be send 6 flyers and further instructions.
Thank YOU!
Simone de Hoogh's personal story ... (Youtube 2:40)
PowerWood Camp BOOK for a week FUN
PowerWood Workshops:
Empowering parents with the skills needed

A key aim of these workshops is to empower parents with the skills to help their child understand and be in charge of their own emotions and behaviour. You will learn how to support intense, super-sensitive and hyper-reactive (OE) children develop independent skills to understand and deal constructively with their own feelings and needs. You’ll also be introduced to strategies that can make challenging situations more manageable and build greater communication. 
The workshops will be led by Simone de Hoogh, the founder of PowerWood.

"Meeting other like-minded parents and feeling able to express myself truthfully. I feel validated by meeting Simone, and the other parents."

 Further Information 

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PowerWood Camp Creative fun: Decorating the old Mother Oak Tree:)!
Unique Opportunity
Coordinator Assistant

Further Information
Unique Opportunity
Legal Assistant Volunteer
Further Information
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Testimonial PowerWood Camp
"I wanted to say that I loved the atmosphere at PowerWood Camp; it felt genuinely respectful, and gentle, and that there was a willingness from everyone to 'meet' and support each other. To explore together. To me this was sooo wonderful - I live a lot of my life at the moment in our immediate community (where we live, school etc), and I don't find that level of reflection. It's like a home-coming - being around people who are self-aware (of their O.E.'s etc) and open also to accepting and exploring those of their children. I also think you offered a really rich, varied and thoughtful and most of all - nourishing - programme of activities." Abigail, mum of a 5 and 7 year old
PowerWood Camp BOOK for a week FUN
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