December 2014 International Student Newsletter:

Congratulations to our December International Student Graduates, Travel Outside of the U.S., Christmas Break, Festival of Lights, and News about F-1 and J-1 Visas for Chinese Students.

Congratulations to our December International Student Graduates!

Undergraduate Students
Tengyao Liu                                            China
Yutaro Kaneko                                         Japan

Graduate Students
Munirah Almayouf                                    Saudi Arabia

Congratulations to our Departing Exchange Students!
Gonzalo Balbuena                                     Argentina                                    
Jiranun Ongvisespaiboon                          Thailand
Laslo Jager                                                 Germany
Mario Reinholdt                                         Germany
Weirun Chen                                              China 

Please join the Center for Global Education in celebrating our graduating international students and departing exchange students on Monday, December 15 from 4-5pm in Nona McGreal (3rd floor Predolin)! 
Travel Outside the U.S.A.

As you prepare for winter break, please review the following information if you plan to travel outside the U.S. For travel to any country other than your home country, you must check with the Consulate of the country you would like to visit to inquire about specific entry procedures.
Prior to traveling outside of the U.S., Sara must sign your I-20 or DS-2019.

This signature confirms to the inspectors at the border when you re-enter that you have been a student at Edgewood College and are expected to return.
To get Sara’s signature on your I-20:
  • Register for at least 12 undergraduate or 9 graduate credits for the spring semester.
  • Submit to CGE the “International Student Endorsement Request,” your I-20, and a copy of your course schedule for the upcoming semester.
  • Pick-up your signed I-20 or DS-2019 in the CGE in 2 business days.
To re-enter the United States, you will need:
  • A valid passport.
  • A valid visa.
  • Your I-20 or DS-2019 from Edgewood College properly endorsed for travel.
Also recommended to travel with:
  • Current financial support documents.
  • Transcript or course schedule for the upcoming semester (evidence of student status).
  • Sara’s contact information.
Please read the “Travel Outside the United States” section of the International Student web page for complete details. Safe travels!

Winter Break
The College will be closed from December 24—January 4.
Normal business hours will resume on Monday, January 5, 2015.
Spring semester classes will begin on Tuesday, January 20, 2015. 

If you live on campus...
  • Residence halls will close on Friday, December 19 at 6:00 pm.  
  • Residence halls will reopen on Sunday, January 18 at 12pm.
  • If you plan to stay on campus during Winter Break, you need to contact Claire Mand in the Office of Residence Life  (x3228 or Predolin 215) as soon as possible.For Phil’s and Wingra Café’s Winter Break schedule, please visit the Dining Services website at

Festival of Lights

News about F-1 and J-1 Visas for Chinese Students 

The United States and the People’s Republic of China have agreed to a reciprocal increase to the validity of short-term visas for students, workers, and tourists.  Chinese students and exchange visitors and their dependents who qualify for F, M, or J visas are eligible for multiple-entry visas valid for up to five years or the length of their program.
For complete details about this new agreement, please visit:
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