Tuesday, April 24, 2012
Who are we?
Seneca International is an organization dedicated to promoting the international civil, economic, and human rights of women. As a student-founded, student-run campus network, we are based at the University of Pennsylvania in partnership with the Philadelphia nonprofit Women’s Campaign International. We advocate for their programs in the field through awareness and fundraising campaigns, with the long-term goal of making equal rights a priority for the next generation of leadership.

Since the United Nations General Assembly adopted the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) in 1979, gender inequity has been one of our greatest global challenges. Its elimination is one of the eight Millennium Development Goals, on par with such targets as ending poverty and achieving universal education. It is the motivation behind the recent creation of UN Women. It penetrates the social, legal, and economic spheres of every region. Yet compared to hot-button topics like climate change, activism on international women’s issues is surprisingly absent from college campuses.

Our driving purpose is to spark a new, powerful discussion on the rights of women worldwide. Seneca works to promote understanding of the unique barriers to women’s advancement, and to mobilize our peers on behalf of ending gender-based discrimination and violence everywhere.

Every generation leaves its legacy on the world. Ours begins now.

Will you join us in leading change?
We are currently accepting applications to establish chapters for our launch in the coming fall semester. We're looking for passionate student leaders from across the U.S. to serve as the presidents of select founding chapters. We encourage men to apply, as Seneca emphasizes the importance of male as well as female leadership.

Sound exciting? Here's our application form.
Or take a look at a more detailed introduction of ourselves.
Applications will be accepted until June 15th.


Deadline for Penn chapter applications
May 30th, 9pm
Deadline for new chapter applications
June 15th, 11:59pm


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