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Welcome to our Spring Newsletter
Hello Everyone

Spring is in the air and it is great to see the extra bounce in people's step!

Firstly, some news about which we have mixed feelings - our lovely Mel has decided that the time has come for her to enjoy her 'Gap Year/OE' experience. She will be finishing with us in early October and we wish her all the very best in her new adventure. It has been wonderful having her as part of the team and we will miss her - and her very clever sketching skills!

We are very excited to have found Debbie to take over Mel's role. Do introduce yourself when you see her and we will formally introduce her in the next newsletter edition.

Chiropractic Research Month generated some great support and it was wonderful to see friends and family members enjoying their chiropractic care following our Friends and Family Day.

We are pleased to introduce our next special offer - timed around the school holidays. See the item below.

Enjoy the longer days.

Best wishes

Corrian, Dan, Mel, Lynley, Bronwyn and Debbie
School Holiday Offer
New Patient Consultation and Adjustment
Free of Charge for School Aged Children

For the duration of the October school holidays, all New Patient school-aged children will receive their first visit free of charge.

This is open to children of current patients as well as those wishing to join TBC.

Book now to confirm your eligibility and avoid disappointment.

To learn more about chiropractic care and children, view the
Chiropractic and Posture video on our

15 Years On

As we enter our third seven year cycle I find myself thinking and planning systems and strategy again. This always turns my thinking towards patient needs and outcomes and their colourful personalities. Mel has coined the term 'the usual suspects'  - you will know who you are! - who have supplied us with much feedback, support, anguish and general hilarity for 15 years. Statements like:
"If I am going to be ripped off by someone, at least it will be by someone that I like!"
"Will that be a discount for cash Corrian, or is it free today?"
"I'd like to pay for my staff member to come in and see you."

TBCC was the brainchild of mine and my wider family starting in 2000 with the purchase of the premises. Broer, my dad, found the property and had me fly down from Auckland at short notice for one day to view, decide and sign on the dotted line! From there, hours of planning, phone calls (landline!), brainstorming, co-ordinating etc built what we have today. We opened on 18 September 2002. Our first patient, who shall remain nameless but is a well-known local butcher, couldn't wait for us to formally open and had his consultation and adjustments from a very makeshift room!

For more photos, see the box on the coffee table in reception.
The biggest structural changes since 2002 would be the move to a paperless practice management system in 2010 which removed the need to store, retrieve and update paper files. More recently, we have installed  a state-of-the-art digital xray system and services.

Fifteen years has seen a number of different individuals come and go from the employ of TBC. Each has brought passion, commitment and excellent service. Victoria holds the record for longest serving staff member - around ten years. The shortest serving shall remain nameless!

The future already holds more staff changes, professional development and growth alongside Richmond's steadily increasing population. I feel that we are in a strong position to continue to serve our community with our specialist, holistic services in a very professional and up-to-date manner.

Some of you may have heard through the election season that up-skilling the workforce is key as the world moves forward. We are committed to the professional development of our whole team.

In conclusion, I offer my sincere best wishes and thanks for the commitment and service that Mel has provided over  the last four years. Mel, I wish you all the best with your 'gap year'. I do hope that you find time to send us some more cartoons!

Warm Regards


Magazine Survey

You may have noticed that we generally stock recent editions of a variety of magazines. At a recent team meeting, we reviewed our selection - and then agreed that we would welcome your input! So next time you are in at the practice, do pick up the clipboard on the coffee table and tell us what you would like to be able to read when you are in the reception area!

PS - Corrian is not intending to purchase 'weekly' magazines, so you will have to come up with some pretty impressive reasons to add those!

My Journey to Finding Chiropractic
If someone had told me at the beginning of 2017 that I would have a part-time job and be having chiropractic adjustments for well health (I never knew there was such a thing!) I would have said they were crazy. But here I am 12 weeks into working at Tasman Bay Chiropractic.  Its been a short time but it has been quite a journey for me.

It all started with seeing a shared Facebook post for a position which I liked the sound of, so I dashed off a CV and handed it in thinking “nothing ventured nothing gained”.  A week or so later the phone call comes from the lovely Lynley to attend an interview.  After eight years out of the work force and being a stay-at-home Mum it’s quite a big thing to be attending your first interview.  Google was my go-to research place “What is Chiropractic?” Some big words popped up “Subluxation, Manipulation, Adjustment, Spine, Nervous System” - some rang a bell and others required more investigation.

When I commenced working I needed to be introduced to actual chiropractic care. This of course meant I could experience the many benefits and then be able to communicate my experience. So I filled in my health questionnaire, “No” there wasn’t anything going on for me, “Yes” I had broken some bones, “Yes” I was tired (but surely any parent with young children feels the same), I was booked in and awaited my appointment, not really expecting Corrian to find much at all.  I had no idea what was going to happen and was surprised to find there was such a lot of groundwork including checking of balance, strength, reflexes and these things all before checking my spine at all.  So remember my questionnaire?  I said that I didn’t have any real concerns, as it turns out from his assessment of me some of the things going on were my pelvis was out, one leg was shorter than the other, I had fatigue and my upper body and neck were all tensed up.  I was a little nervous of the adjustments (as it is your spine you’re dealing with), some adjustments were done with the drop table, some manually and some with the activator.

I honestly didn’t feel much difference straight away.  Within a day or so my neck felt different and was sore, Corrian was confident that it was all the change that was happening (like after a gym workout), he hadn’t in fact broken me like I joked to him.  With every appointment *****.

****may not meet Advertising Standards Authority guidelines - ask Bronwyn yourself! Lynley

Starting working again was very stressful for me. I had to come to terms with leaving my kids and there was quite a lot of worry about the whole work/life balance. I have no doubt that chiropractic care along with the awesome team at TBC made a huge difference to how I have come out the other side. I have already seen throughout the practice a mix of patients coming through from long standing patients to new patients and all have a chiropractic story to tell. It's amazing to be a part of their well health journey and I can’t wait to carry on with mine and to learn more about the chiropractic profession.
All in all, its been quite an “adjustment”!
Nelson/Tasman Club trainings are Monday and Wednesday
from 6:30 – 8pm at
Waimea Intermediate Hall
48 Salisbury Rd, Richmond

Contact Dan 021 077 0264

Winners at TBC
Congratulations to the winners of our monthly lucky draw. To be in to win, pop your appointment card showing six completed visits into the jar on the Reception desk. You could win a free adjustment!

June Dion Mytton
July Lisa Stove
August Phil Greenwood

‘Not’ Employee of the Month……                                                   By Melanie

Usually being the recipient of such an honour would imply that one would  actually be an employee! Corrian reasoned that as long as I have one foot out the door, I should be the first to wear the crown!

I should firstly dispel a few myths that have been floating around the practice.   After four years being part of the Tasman Bay Chiropractic Tribe ie that I recently officially handed in my notice for the following reasons:

  1. I got a better offer and am now going to be the desk dolly at the osteopath down the road…..  (you should have seen Corrian’s face!)

  1. I am running away from home

  1. I am having a mid life event and considering the circus!

I wish I could sound like I have well orchestrated plan but I am sure of two things: that yes, I am leaving on a jet plane; and I don’t know when I will be back again.

I am also very sure of the fact that life may present many diverse changes and opportunities.  Having a vision is important and something we promote here in the context of our health choices. When we are presented with something new we have the choice to move out of the well worn road and take steps to move in another direction.   It begins with a simple choice. Uncomfortable? Probably. Beneficial? Highly likely!  

Being here with you all has provided me with many days at a job that is more than a job.  I have learned much about my own strengths and limitations and developed my appreciation of others' journeys, all with many laughs along the way.  When I accepted the CA role in 2013 I didn’t realise how much the experience would be about our community, our people. I will miss seeing you all and especially doing life with our team here.  What a fantastic lot they are - I leave you in great hands. They truly have ‘got your back’!

Much love from Mel
Announcement - Website Update
Have you visited our new website? As well as the new look, a redesigned layout to allow easier search and navigation and a lot more information on our front page, we feature the link to the information videos that we have accessed via our subscription to The Reality Check. We think that these animated videos are wonderful - they are animated and offer really clear and easily understood explanations.
Chiropractic Research Month
Thanks for your support of this initiative. We are pleased to announce that we raised a total of $1000. 

We are proud to support the Hamblin Chiropractic Research Fund. The
Hamblin Trust was set up by the New Zealand Chiropractors' Association over 30 years ago to fund and disseminate chiropractic research and support researcher development. It is now the leading industry based funder of chiropractic research in New Zealand and the research they fund is making a difference to our understanding of how chiropractic works and how it can best help to advance healthcare.

Did you Know ....
that we are open Saturday mornings?

We are now open on Saturdays from 10am-11.45am. Bronwyn is the CA on duty until early October when Debbie will take over.
Both chiropractors will be available most Saturdays.

Do you have a friend or family member that you would like to have introduced to chiropractic but they couldn't get here during normal business hours?
Now is the time to talk to them about what chiropractic could do for them!
Cat Whisperer?
I have a belief that anyone with a spine and a nervous system can benefit from chiropractic care to help the brain and body work together as best as they possibly can. And I mean anyone. I do feel sorry for jellyfish as they have no spine and I cannot help them in this way.
I have four cats. Yes I know that classifies my family as crazy cat people, where the human/feline ratio is in the cats' favour. Let me introduce Griffin. He’s a large ginger Norwegian Forest cat with a big grin, big heart and gammy hips. The poor guy should have been a breeders’ prize winning specimen but we found him at the SPCA and couldn’t believe someone had left him there. I did my research on the breed - great climbers, good outdoor cat, but more prone to pelvic dysfunction than other cats.
The great thing about working with animals is that you can pretty much rule out the placebo effect. They either get better or they don’t. They don’t have the same understanding a human would that “Dad’s a chiropractor and he’s making me hold still while he works on my spine. I’m going to feel better soon, it’s all good.” No, the first time we noticed Griffin limping along and I decided to see if I could help, I should have worn heavy duty gloves.

A more successful interaction with Griffin’s spine was when my mother-in-law was staying. We noticed Griffin limping along again and I called him over. While my mother-in-law looked on with a bemused, almost disbelieving expression, I worked down Griff’s spine to the pelvis making sure all was moving as it should until I found a slightly swollen area right down near his left hip. He squirmed like anything so I know it was tender, but I had him firm and was able to adjust him right first time. He shot away as soon as I let go and my mother-in-law laughed and said I should stick to humans. Wait and watch. As he returned from hiding behind the couch we could see he was walking without a limp. He came straight up to me with that big grin and big purr and proceeded to let me know that he was indeed feeling better and all was forgiven.
My mother-in-law is now a believer and Griffin gets regular spinal check-ups just like the rest of the family. Introduce your loved ones, including the more unusual family members to the gift of movement and health and tell us your story. If they have a spine and nervous system then we can help.
Yours in Health
Dr Dan
Southern Cross - A Reminder

Hi everyone

For those of you who are members with Southern Cross health insurance policies, it has now become a little easier for you to make your chiropractic claims. Tasman Bay Chiropractic has joined with Southern Cross to bring to you the easy pay scheme. This means that those of you with policies where chiropractic care is covered can now make your claim from our front desk. We can see immediately from Southern Cross what they will pay so we charge you only the surcharge, then we claim the difference back from Southern Cross directly.

If you have any questions regarding your policy, please contact Southern Cross directly.
In health and with best regards from us all
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