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Welcome to our Christmas summer newsletter

There is finally a summer feel to the weather and there is definitely more than a hint of Christmas in the air.

In this edition we continue our Did you Know? series, have some Christmas ideas to share with you and share some of the learnings and inspiration we have gained in our recent various professional development activities.

Wishing you and yours a wonderful summer, a friends, family and fun filled Christmas season and healthy and happy times.

Warmest Regards
Corrian, Dan, Daf, Victoria, Lynley and Mel
Going Primal….
Corrian and I have decided to up the ante, walk-the-talk as you might say, and have begun regular Primal Blueprint ‘Lift Heavy Things’ workouts in our own backyard. Literally. No gym needed, just our own bodyweight and Corrian’s porch beam for pull-ups, some energy music and we have all we need to keep primally fit like Grok the Caveman!

One of things I love about the Primal Blueprint Fitness strategy is that it’s not about spending hours at the gym to achieve a greased up, muscle-bound cover boy or girl physique… more a well-muscled and proportioned figure, with minimal body fat.
It also has a great level of progression to help anyone achieve the essential primal movements, from whatever is your current level fitness. Corrian and I have felt a great sense of personal achievement over the last two months as we have climbed several progression levels, and found some of the movements more challenging than others. Having someone to work with and holding each other accountable has made it easier to push ourselves!

Head over to and check out what we are up to. You can start too! No matter what your family history, you’ll arrive naturally at the optimum expression of your own unique genetic makeup. Not only that, but you’ll be able to maintain your fitness and your new body easily on very little work for the rest of your life. Talk to us about it if you’re interested and we can help you determine where to start.
Other activities I’ve been involved with in and around the TBC community is continuing the Nelson District Parents Centre’s Moving and Munching course for young bubs. We recently created a Kids Zone at the Founders Park Christmas Market, which was a well appreciated hit, as parents were able to keep the kids entertained when browsing through market stalls became too grizzly work.
Work with the New Zealand Chiropractors' Association has seen some recent submissions to the NMDHB and our own NZ Chiropractic Board to make sure we are all working together in the best interests of our community.

Dr Dan
So you’ve got a houseful for the Christmas season? Love having everyone staying for a few days but you are left feeling exhausted trying to keep on top of the food supply and dinner preparation?

Everyone offers to bring food; plenty of volunteers to help in the kitchen BUT you can’t plan the menu til you know what everyone brings because if you do you don’t necessarily use their contribution! Which means lots of juggling and last minute stress.

Don’t despair! I have a tried and true solution for you that works beautifully!
The objective is to keep it simple for people, let them know how they can contribute – both food and a turn in the kitchen - and allow the hosts some ‘off duty’ time. It requires a little bit of advance planning, but nothing near the scale of trying to do it all yourself.
The Plan
Put the adults into couples or groups and divide the groups across the main meals you have while they are staying, including Christmas day meals.

A few weeks before Christmas, contact each couple/group and advise them which meal that they are in charge of. Let them know that they can choose the menu and that they need to supply the key ingredients but that normal pantry ingredients eg spices, are available to them.

Any resident children are assigned across the groups to be at their disposal to help them find their way round the kitchen.
Group One prepares and cooks the first main meal. Another group does the dishes and today’s ‘resident children on duty’ put away anything that the dishes team doesn’t know where it goes. All leftovers are stored in the fridge for the next day’s lunch. Repeat for Group Two etc!
So everyone has contributed food, had a turn cooking and done some dishes.
Guest Feedback is
  • We know what to bring – and know that we have brought our share
  • We know when it is our turn to do the dishes
  • We get ‘off duty’ time without worying we aren’t helping as much as we should
  • The kitchen isn’t full of people all trying to help but actually getting in the way
Host Feedback
  • We felt like we had some ‘off duty’ time for the first time hosting a big group
  • Those who had a smaller budget weren’t put under pressure – they contributed a meal just like everyone else
  • I didn’t have the logistics issue of someone saying they would bring something which I factored in, and then they brought something else.
Christmas Day Menu Suggestion
This plan allows most of the preparation to be done the day before so that no-one is stuck in the kitchen for hours AND there are few dishes and little cleaning up to do! The first year I proposed it, I was a little worried that the ‘traditionalists’ wouldn’t like it, but I was pleasantly surprised!
Start the day with fresh berries and cream
Brunch on croissants with bacon, avocado, tomato and an egg AND/OR bagels with salmon and cream cheese
Rest of the Day: serve platters at around 2pm and 5pm - to fit round swimming, back yard cricket, charades etc
Cold chicken (or turkey)
Smoked fish
Salami or similar
Cherry tomatoes
Cucumber slices
Any leftovers from brunch
At around 7pm serve the family favourite traditional Christmas desserts – pavlova, trifle, Christmas pudding, ambrosia etc.

Hope that these ideas ease the Christmas stress and you have a relaxing, fun and happy time!
Seasonal greetings from Lynley
Product Reviews by Victoria

Both of these products are available right here in the practice.
Weleda Calendula Nappy Change Cream 75ml ($18.90)
  • Natural product
  • Pleasant to use (fragrance; thick cream consistency)
  • Very fast soothing action on nappy rash
  • Also has uses for minor skin irritations - heat rash, chaffing; gentle enough to use on face and skin outbreaks. 
Having an active two year old, I love this nappy change cream. It has a lovely consistency to it that is pleasant to use. I find it is very effective at relieving any rashes - both nappy and other skin rashes. Some children are quite susceptible to nappy rash, and in my experience using this product, the rash is greatly improved after the first application, and clears very quickly with regular use.

As a family we have also found that its use is not restricted to just the youngest member of our household. It is a pleasant product that we have used on many types of skin irritations and find very soothing.
Tui Bee Balm 50g ($11.50)
  • Natural product
  • Made locally in Tasman region
  • Great all-purpose barrier cream and skin cream.
  • Use on most minor skin irritations; dry skin
We also love using the Tui bee balm. This balm is made locally and is low-fragrance. In our family it is used mainly as a moisturiser for dry and irritated skin and wind/sun chapped lips.  It is a pleasant, non-greasy product to use.
Note - we have a variety of the Tui balms in stock - mostly the 50g size, priced from $11.50.

Did you Know?

Supporting Families

The team at TBC really likes to support families who incorporate regular chiropractic checks into their health care plan. Tasman Bay Chiropractic is a full spectrum primary healthcare provider – from antenatal and neonatal
through to geriatric healthcare.

If at least one parent/grandparent/caregiver is receiving regular care here at TBC, we offer a discounted rate for all baby and child appointments in that family.

To access this offer, just mention it to your chiropractor or to one of our friendly CA's and we will organise it for you.
The Toyakwai Karate Association had its Black Belt grading and annual National Tournament, both in Auckland in November. Congratulations to Maria and Tim who were graded to Black Belt and to all those who earned medals at the tournament. A great achievement!

Our Nelson Club students are continuing to put in the hard work and proved they were ready for their next grading. Sensei Karl Taaka (my old instructor) travelled down from Auckland for our November Grading. We are very proud to award Sebaastian and Sheyne their Green Belts after some outstanding work. Keep climbing the ranks guys!

We welcome new students. Trainings are Monday and Wednesday from 6:30 – 8pm at the Waimea Intermediate Hall, 48 Salisbury Rd, Richmond. Contact Dan 021 077 0264,

Yours in Holiday Health

Dr Dan
Strawberry Cheesecake Tart

Here is a delicious summer strawberry cake ‘free of everything’ recipe from my Jason Shon Bennett collection to share with you.

Best Regards Daf x
Click to Download
Other Jason Shon Bennett Recipes Here
Professional Development Activity and the TBC Team

Recent activity around the team at the practice has seen a focus on personal and professional development. 

I attended a workshop called The Magic of Colours where we identified four personality profiles ie the Peacekeeper, the Leader, the Perfectionist and the Entertainer. It was interesting to understand and remind myself of the different types and to further develop my empathy for people's personality differences as well as developing my  understanding of how to communicate more effectively with different personalities.

Next up was the Mindfulness 2.0 workshop hosted by Vikki Kelly. Lynley and I attended along with a good number of practice clients. Vikki highlighted and developed the learnings in her book and we all came away with simple things to change. We agreed that a major benefit and strength of the workshop was being shown that to be mindful, we didn't need to add more to our day but could swap out and switch a few things that we already do.

The following day Vikki hosted a TBC workshop where we explored ways to develop our focus on our key objective of supporting everyday people to take responsibility for their everyday healthcare. We have some great ideas that we look forward to implementing for you. Watch this space!

The final professional development activity of recent times saw the chiropractors and chiropractic assistants (CA's) join the majority of other local chiroprators and CA's for a full day workshop. We shared a lot of infomation and ideas for keeping focus on the priorities, understanding each other's roles and ensuring maximum value in what we deliver to our practice clients.

All in all, there was a bit of a theme around understanding different personalities and needs and developing relevant communication styles.
Four main personality types:   Many people are a combination of two that present more obviously - here are some common attributes of each
Choleric/ Leader :  Motivated by Action, decisive, naturally take the lead, get things done
Sanguine/Entertainer: Motivated by Fun, Life of the party, animated , can be all over the place, love to make others  laugh
Phlegmatic/Peacekeeper:  Motivated by Peace, laid back, strong sense of Justice, quietly determined, can procrastinate!
Melancholic/Perfectionist: Motivated by details, precise, dry sense of humour, notice everything, creative

Please enjoy the time you have over the holidays with your family and friends and loved ones. Stay safe. I look forward to seeing you again next year. I am looking forward to be out in the boat among other fun activities.

Mel Gives a 'Close to Home' Example of Personality Types

Putting the personality type model to the test I felt this could be best proven by creating an imaginary scenario observing the TBC team’s  approach to a Christmas sculpture in the shape of a tree made entirely from Forrero Rocher chocolate balls.
(I’m sure you could all relate to some of these, you will recognize personality traits from your own circle of family and friends or have a good chuckle at yourself !)
Corrian, motivated by action and tired of waiting for everyone else to get started, launches himself at the Forrero tree with reckless abandon - all other detail or potential consequence is irrelevant in this moment “I’m going for the base”. (It’s all about the base!)
Victoria, with an air of concern, glances in Corrian’s direction predicting that if he picks randomly at the base rather than the top he will interfere with the design of the tree and potentially destroy all the hard work that went into making it look so pretty and  ‘xmassy’.
Dan, thankful for not having to bake a cake and ever shy of involving himself in potential conflict, hangs back and waits for the ‘All Clear’.
Melanie is almost crippled by indecision – should she choose the white choc and coconut? caramel wafer? No, dark choc or wait, is there almond? no white (this could tip her over the edge.) Perhaps she should wait until someone suggests she can take all three options.
Lynley goes straight for………….. her bag and pulls out her tablet, a quick photo of the impressive display, a post on Facebook, a great idea for her walking group lunch, womens auxillary for community progress, social rights and save the wildlife of Mapua Wharf league etc and it should be put on TBC website too! (and if Corrian knocks the whole thing down NZCA can have a press release!) She pauses then considers the current sugar-to-nutrition ratio count to key in to her Fitbit and thinks of another 10 people who would love the idea for their next event. Suddenly, noticing Melanie’s reserve, she reassures her she can take all options available.
Daphna, pretty laid back and in no hurry, is more concerned about what her teenage son, due to arrive any minute, might do if he brings his soccer ball.....
For a great holiday read or Christmas gift, read ‘Personality Plus’ by Florence Littauer
Grab a friend and attend a colours workshop!
Check out a personality test on line when you have a spare moment and complete with someone who knows you well to help!

Wishing you a fun and happy summer and holiday season.

Found/Left at the Practice

Pair of large hoop earrings - pink

If these are yours, please call 5444554 or pop in and pick them up.
Winners at TBC

Congratulations to the winners of our monthly lucky draw. To be in to win, pop your appointment card showing six complete visits into the jar on the Reception desk. You would win a free adjustment or a half hour massage.

October    Dale Stark
November    Amy Brinkman
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Wishing you and yours a happy, healthy

and safe Christmas and summer season.
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