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Welcome to our Spring Newsletter
Isn't it great to see the gorgeous blossom, the lambs in the paddocks, the bulbs showing off their beautiful blooms and the green buds bursting forth?

In this edition of our quarterly newsletter we are pleased to introduce a new section - Did you Know? We will use this to outline information that it is handy to know about being a practice member - offers, benefits etc. In our first item, we explain our student support scheme.

We also feature a TBC team building activity, some news from Koru Ultrasound - one of our wellbeing partners, some fun with stretching exerces and a new book review.

We trust that you and yours are well, happy and looking after yourselves and each other.

Warm regards

Corrian, Dan, Daf, Mel,Victoria and Lynley
July was Chiropractic Awareness
and Research Month!!
We were thrilled with the response and support we received for this fundraiser. Between us all at TBC, we  raised just over $1000 - a great contribution to the Hamblin Chiropractic Research Fund  Trust.

Funds raised will assist in many different target areas. Further, data from recent and ongoing studies by leading researchers here in NZ will be used to both petition the NZ government and to expand world wide with their findings. Greater understanding of the benefits of chiropractic will lead to improved knowledge and care.

Thanks again for your support - you are wonderful!
The TBC Team

Did you Know?

Looking after Students
The team at TBC recognises that the budget is tight when a secondary student moves out into the big wide world and chooses to study.
To support the student’s decision to continue their chiropractic care upon leaving school, we offer a ‘student rate’.
Who is Eligible
  • you have been attending TBC as a secondary student
  • your parent(s)/caregiver book regularly for care with us AND
  • you are enrolled in full time study. 
To access this offer, just mention it to your chiropractor or to one of our friendly CA’s and we will organise it for you!

Shake off those old aches…

 Corrian and I always like to have fun and learn something useful at our regional group meetings and our evening at Koru Ultrasound lived up to that expectation.
Sonographers Alyson Hobbs and Haidee Janetzki put together a very nice presentation about acute pain and how they can help diagnose musculoskeletal conditions through the use of ultrasound sonography. Your chiropractors were in fine form, asking difficult questions, making possibly irreverent observations, brushing up on old knowledge and learning something new while having a grand time.
We did take away some useful gems for our patients, primarily around acute and chronic pain involved with the tendons and bursa of the joints. Ultrasound Guided Steroid and Saline prolotherapy injections are now being offered with Dr Richard Thomas at Koru Ultrasound, 31 Oxford St, Richmond. ACC is also recommending ultrasound guided injections as they have been proven to be more effective and better tolerated by those receiving them.
The difference between the two:
Steroid injections can give immediate pain relief for bursitis of the shoulder, particularly useful if the injury is acute. As those who have had them may be aware, they can work brilliantly, last a few months, or not work at all.
Saline/dextrose prolotherapy injections can be a permanent repair for tendon and ligament tears for those preferring not to have surgery. As chiropractors working with health from the inside-out, we were very interested to learn how the dextrose re-starts the healing process from stage 1 – inflammation, followed by proliferation and remodelling of the damaged tissue resulting in a stronger repair following a tear!
We finished off our evening observing the Ultrasound Doppler in action, using Corrian and Hayden (chiropractor at Equilibrium in Nelson) as our guinea pigs. You may remember Corrian’s short-lived stint in a moonboot in August, following a very distinct fracture of his little toe at volleyball. It had been one week after the injury and he was keen to see how quickly it was healing and whether he could take his moonboot off yet. The Doppler showed some good blood movement at the site (inflammation, possibly proliferation of new cells) but no sign of remodelling (new bone growth). It was explained to him by his caring colleagues that he was getting older and needed be a good patient and give his body more time to heal!
At the Karate Dojo, Sensei John Paul and I are gearing the students up for their next rank grading. It is incredibly rewarding watching students progress from little or no knowledge to increasing levels of understanding, prowess and confidence. Watch this space as in three years our goal is to have trained up our first black-belt student. This puts me on a deadline to reach my 3rd degree instructors belt in the same time. No pressure!

We always welcome new students. Trainings are Monday and Wednesday from 6:30 – 8pm at the Waimea Intermediate Hall, 48 Salisbury Rd, Richmond. Contact Dan 021 077 0264,

Yours in Health
Dr Dan


Oct 16th
Oct 24th
World Spine Day
Labour Day - TBC closed
 Found/Left at the Practice

Pair of large hoop earrings - pink

Dark Teal Men's Fine Knit Jersey
 M & S brand - XL

If this is yours, please call 5444 554 or pop in and pick it up.

Winners at TBC

Congratulations to the winners of our monthly lucky draw! To be in to win, pop your appointment card showing six completed visits into the jar on the Reception desk. You could win a free adjustment or a half hour massage!
July Donna Wilde
August Tae Bang
We are registered as an official supporter.
Keep an eye out in the practice, on our Facebook page and on our website for World Spine Day activities.
World Spine Day Website
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Mel had lots of fun creating Corrian's birthday card.

It was posted on Facebook so we have included it here in case you missed it.

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Regional Group's Visit to Beds 'R' Us
As members of the NZ Chiropractors' Association Regional Group, Dan and I attend regular meetings with chiropractors from around the region. A recent meeting was hosted by Beds 'R' Us as we chiropractors were very interested  to learn the latest about pillows, beds and mattress technology. Sleepyhead has launched a new pillow range and bedding ranges which are endorsed by the NZ Chiropractors' Association.

I have been sleeping on a Sanctuary bed now for five years and more recently a ventilated memory foam pillow. I am impressed by the huge leap in technology of the pillows and the neck support provided while feeling as if you are really sleeping on something gentle, soft and light. It gives the impression that you can mould the pillow - but you don't have to!  It just fits your head!

We all enjoyed meeting the new owners of the store and were impressed by their product knowledge and back up service and I encourage you to go and speak to them. Dan and I are happy to talk to you about the purchase of your next bed or pillow.

For more information, visit the Sleepyhead
website or click the buttons below.



Chiropractic Range
Sanctuary Range

Ok, so be honest, Corrian and Dan gave you some stretches to do. Your appointment is today, you go in and sit down and just before they come in you remember you didn't do your homework.  You are now hoping they don't ask you  - well, sorry to tell you this but they wrote it on their notes. There is no place to hide and once they get their hands on you they will feel the tension and you will look just as guilty as you did at school!

As a CA, I would say that at this time of year our reception area fills up with a special kind of person. You know who you are, you have spent all winter moving like an Alaskan brown bear and now, like a lamb leaping out of your garden shed, you think you can move and contort your frame like Cirque du Soelil  in a vege and pansy patch.  Please do yourself a favour and for the sake of the poor staff at ACC with a mountain of gardening mishap paperwork on their desks, remember they also want to get home and plant their spuds!

Gardening can lock the body into the same position for a long period of time and because you were concentrating and lost track of time pulling weeds, you may not feel it until the morning after.

I asked Corrian and Dan to share their favourite stretches. You know them well, they are the ones you forgot to do!  Let me help by drawing you some pictures and if you are unsure of the technique please ask the boys or I will be happy to demonstrate.  Remember take your time, each stretch hold for at least three seconds, breathe slowly in through the nose and out your mouth and really engage your thoughts to the area you are stretching.  Add them to your morning routine and before bed or as directed by your chiropractor.  For a selection of other really great stretches ask Corrian or Dan for a 'Straighten Up' brochure or ask your CA's at the front desk or visit the Straighten Up website.

Have fun!


Corrian:  The Mad Cat (or Pilates Cat)

On all fours arch your back like a cat but maintain attention to the L4 lower back area pulling up like an imaginary string through your belly button and up to the ceiling. Engage your core abdominal muscles and hold.  Slowly release and sink into the opposite position tail and head up. Repeat 3-4 times. Sounds effects optional!

Dan:  Screen Monkey Release (or Neck Tension Release)

A great stretch for upper trapezius and scalene muscles.  Shoulders should be back and level. Seated or standing, begin a simple and slow tilting of the head in each direction. Hold for three seconds and back to centre. Look left and hold, right and hold, back to centre then gently roll your head each way in one continuous motion and back the other way. Remember to breathe and feel the stretch.

TBC Staff - Team-building Evening

Last month, we spent an evening as a team with Akky Leurink at Akky's Kitchen, learning about her passion - Ayurvedic cooking. When we first decided on this team building event I really did not know what to expect. I could not pronounce the word Ayurvedic let alone know what it was! So upon arriving at Akky's it was interesting to start our evening with a theory based introduction to it, and to Akky's background in it. Akky has lived and breathed it having travelled extensively to India, learning about this way of life. She took us through the herbs and spices that are used, along with giving us information about each individual one and the specific healing properties of each one.
 It was extremely interesting to learn about the different properties of food, and how these can affect or influence our being. 

After this introduction we were broken into teams of two and assigned two recipes to take charge of and cook. It was a great, energetic environment to be working in and we had a huge amount of fun as a team. We created six very tasty dishes (some of which I am looking forward to replicating in my own kitchen), had an awesome time learning about Ayurvedic cooking and of course really enjoyed eating our final products!

If you would like to learn more about Ayurvedic cooking, pop on over to Akky's website She is an awesomely passionate person who has a load of knowledge that she is keen to share.

Below is also a recipe from Akky's website for ghee, one of the main ingredients we used while cooking there!

 With much love, Victoria
A sample of the delicious food we prepared as a team.
Ghee Recipe

Making ghee or clarified butter is neither difficult nor complicated, but it does take some time. Bringing out the sweet, nutlike flavour of the melted butter requires long, slow cooking to fully evaporate the water and allow the milk solids to separate and float to the surface leaving clear, amber-coloured ghee/ghi.

Pour the ghee (not too hot) through a cheese cloth into glass jars. Store in a cool place but not in the fridge.

Quantity of butter Yield of ghee
1kg unsalted butter 800 grams
The gift that is life. 
Don't let it take a health crisis or a threat to your mortality to wake you up to make the changes to your life style that you know in your heart you need to make today. 

You know when you are having to much of something or too little of something else. 

Take care of your inner body systems, to feel and look your best, and to live a long and robust life. 

Live each day connected to what a gift life is, how precious you are, and treat ourself accordingly. 

This beautiful statement is written by Dr Libby Weaver, one of Australasia’s leading nutritional biochemists, author and speaker, who lives in NZ and Australia. She has written nine books including Rushing Women's Syndrome, Accidentally Overweight, The Calorie Fallacy and several cookbooks. Her 9th book has just been released titled Woman's Wellness Wisdom. 

It's is one of those amazing books you just want to have in your library. It is written is an easy way to help you understand what to eat, our body, our mind and our world. It has beautiful photographs and quotes that make you feel inspired to sit down and immerse yourself in the book with a cuppa. 

We have the book available for you to read in our office while you are waiting for your adjustment and also Dr Libby is speaking here in Nelson on Monday 10th of October if you like to hear her in person and tickets are on sale now for $39.95pp 

Please enjoy the book and find your own inspiration in the Wellness and Wisdom of your life.

Daf xox 
Last but NOT least

We do apologise if you have arrived to find our carpark full near school drop-off or pick up time. Richmond School administration staff have re-iterated in their newsletter that ours is a private carpark but it seems that some folk continue to ignore this fact.

We are discussing options for signage. We like the chiropractic reference in the image but perhaps the message is a little extreme??!!

With best wishes from us all
The TBC team
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