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PO Box 472, Pellston, MI 49769             December 11, 2018

“Lame Duck” Legislative Initiatives Impact Northern Michigan
After November 6, several critical initiatives have been introduced in the Michigan Legislature which could have enormous impact on northern MI.  DLIA doesn’t take political positions, but because these bills are directly bearing on our inland lakes, environmental resources and recreational economy, sharing information about these is important. 
  •  Senate Bill 1197.  The MI Senate passed a substitute version of Senate Bill 1197 to authorize a utility tunnel in the Straits of Mackinac.  [Recall that the proposed tunnel would be constructed around the current Enbridge Line 5 pipeline.] This version creates a new Mackinac Straits Corridor Authority, with a Corridor Authority Board that reports to the Mackinaw Bridge Authority (MBA).  Ultimately this makes the MBA responsible for the tunnel, including the Enbridge pipeline.  Previously the MBA has indicated it is opposed to bearing this responsibility. More importantly, and somewhat unrealistically, Senate Bill 1197 requires a Board of 3 members to be appointed to 6 year terms and these members are charged to enter into agreements for the construction, maintenance, operation, and decommission of a utility tunnel by December 31, 2018. That’s a lot of very demanding and critical work in just several weeks.  Might be seen as reckless, if not impossible. 
If you are a MI voter, you should contact your State Representative and Governor Snyder’s office ( to voice your opinion about the benefits or lack thereof of this bill.
  • Senate Bill 1211. TOMWC has alerted us about the risk of this proposed wetland regulation.  As written, the bill will deregulate approximately ½ million – 1 million acres of wetlands in Michigan, almost 4,000 inland lakes and approximately 2,610 impoundment lakes, 36% of Michigan Streams. Definitions of “artificial features created in land…for swimming” would no longer be regulated – opening up significant development changes along the shores of Northern MI inland lakes because these wetlands would no longer be regulated by the Department of Environmental Quality.  
Furthermore, at a minimum, 36% of MI streams, which are ephemeral, along with an unknown number of miles of streams due to changing definition of “Water of the United States” would no longer be protected under Senate Bill 1197. Because of the definitions incorporated into this Bill, it is unclear whether any streams or rivers will be regulated in the State.
TOMWC warns that the impact of Senate Bill 1211 will be astounding.The Bill is now before the Michigan Competiveness Committee. This Committee is chaired by Lee Chatfield, representative from the Douglas Lake region.Contact the Committee and the Governor’s Office with your views on this Bill.
For greater detail about the status and impact of these bills, check the Tip of the Mitt Watershed Council web site ( and the links provided there for broader scale coverage of these issues on local area in the Petoskey Newspaper.
Above Photo: Final touches of paving on Woodland Rd
Maple River Flowing Freely
Lake Kathleen Dam is gone and the newly constructed timber bridge at Woodland Road is open for winter traffic.  Conservation Resource Alliance (CRA) which spearheaded the “Free the Maple River” project recently announced that the Maple River is flowing once again. Folks who have checked out the site report that the landscaping and the visual of the bridge and Maple River are impressive.  Worth taking a drive over next time you are in the area. CRA partnered with Team Elmer’s, Spicer Group (Engineering), Rieth-Riley Construction, the Holton Family (who acquired the Lake Kathleen Dam property in 2017 from the estate of the prior owner who had died in 2015), and many contributors who help finance the project. For more comprehensive coverage of the Removal of Lake Kathleen Dam and the opening of the Maple River Google the “Petoskey News” of November 19, 2018 – “Petoskey News Maple River” does the trick.
TOMWC assumes Responsibility
for the MI Swimmer's Itch Partnership
Douglas Lake along with many of the inland lakes in Michigan has endured problems with “swimmer’s itch” over the years.  The Michigan Swimmer’s Itch Partnership (MISIP) has pulled together many lake associations and interested individuals to assess the root causes of this frustrating irritation and coordinated with several lakes to test certain ‘source of swimmer’s itch’ and ‘potential remediation of the sources’ research projects.  Some of these may well be ready to offer relief if not 100% solutions.  Our knowledge and understanding of the swimmer’s itch issue seems to be moving to a more sustainable program.  The Tip of the Mitt Watershed Council has recently assumed the Project Manager role of MISIP with several TOMWC staff assuming various functions.  As a publicly funded statewide initiative, TOMWC will be reaching out to regional lakes to seek input and identify opportunities for the MISIP to improve understanding, research and management of the nuisance itch.  DLIA member Ron Witthoff serves as DLIA’s liaison to the Partnership.  We will keep the membership briefed about swimmer’s itch and its relationship with waterfowl, snails, parasite, et al.
Is there a “Right” Salt for your Snowy-Icey Drive/Sidewalk?
Yes, the season is definitely here for a salt discussion. No, we don’t mean strategic arms negotiations.  We’re talking assessing various products available for melting ice/snow from walks and driveways.  The TOMWC recently shared some advice for picking the right product:
  • CMA (Calcium Magnesium Acetate) – this biodegradable chemical is less harmful to concrete and to plants
  • CaCl (Calcium Chloride) – this product is best for really cold weather and Ok for the environment
  • Sodium Chloride (NaCl, commonly called Rock Salt) – the most common and ‘old school’ product but it is hardest on the environment and is not very effective below 15 degrees F. 
Check out the labels on products when next you are shopping for ice melters. [Your DLIA President just can’t resist a good chemistry discussion.There will not be a quiz.]
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