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Douglas Lake Improvement Association
PO Box 472, Pellston, MI 49769             April 1, 2020

Open Letter from your DLIA -Vice President
Hello to all our neighbors on Douglas Lake, 
As an advanced practice health care nurse, for those of you who are elsewhere right now, I recommend you delay your return to Douglas Lake until the Corona Virus pandemic is under control. 
Wherever you are, you’re no doubt closer to adequate health care facilities than you would be here.  Our neighboring hospitals, Charlevoix, Cheboygan and McLaren Northern Michigan, are very limited with emergency equipment. Cheboygan is an emergency department facility only and McLaren Northern Michigan has limited bed space and emergency equipment.
Although, to date, our exposure at the lake has been limited, please think of yourselves, you loved ones and your neighbors.  Here, you are relatively isolated.  If you need help, opportunities may be too late.
I recommend you stay where you are. Rather than exposing yourselves to travel that may require hotel housing, restroom stops and food along the way, you are better off right where you are.  While you are in your current locations, it is imperative that you practice isolating in place and limiting your exposures.  Although many feel limiting exposure, practicing handwashing, isolating in place and staying a safe distance of 6 feet are excessive and unnecessary, please reconsider those notions.  This virus is no joke! The more you expose yourself, the more you expose others.  Trips out of your safe environment must be limited to essentials only.  Extra trips to maintain the lifestyle you are used to can and should wait.
For yourself and others, safety is your prime responsibility.  We care about you.  We want you to be safe.  We want to have you return to the lake when it’s a healthy thing to do.  Until then, please, please stay where you are and stay safe. We’ll plan a big celebration party when this is all over.
Marilyn Kelemen, RN, BSN, MS

Note from your Editor and DLIA President: If you are coming to the Lake, or have recently arrived, please self-quarantine in your cottage/home for 14 days as a precaution for yourself and your neighbors.  Do not expect or plan that services that normally are available as you return to the Lake, such as boat and boat dock assistance, marinas, etc. are open.  All non-essential businesses are closed or have very limited staff.  There are no restaurants (some offer limited carry-out), no libraries, no Secretary of State offices and only emergency services in Cheboygan County offices.  Be safe. Be healthy. 
Mary Ellen Sheridan 

UMBS Cancels On-site Spring/Summer Session Classes
    The Biostation has announced that Spring and Summer term classes will not be offered on-site this summer. The Station is currently working with faculty to develop remote instruction course options that could be offered to students, non-students and researchers.
   The most current information and links for contacting Biostation staff with questions, comments, and concerns may be found at:

Be a good neighbor; act now to prevent wildlife conflicts

Warmer weather means many animals are seeking food to feed their young. During this time, help your community – and be a good neighbor to wildlife – and consider removing bird feeders and other food sources that might attract wildlife.
Bird feeders can attract a variety of wildlife, not just birds. Other species, including squirrels, rabbits, raccoons, skunks, opossums and bears, will take advantage of the easy access. Mice, chipmunks and other  small animals visiting your feeders could draw larger predators like hawks, coyotes and foxes.
If you live in the Lower Peninsula or parts of the western U.P., make sure deer can’t get to your bird feeders. Feeding deer is prohibited in these areas to limit the spread of wildlife diseases. Follow these tips for feeding the birds in areas where deer feeding bans are in place.
More tips on handling conflicts with wildlife are available at
Questions? Contact the DNR Wildlife Division at 517-284-9453.
(Credit:  Article from MI DNR Weekly Newsletter)
            The annual clean-up day sponsored by Munro Township is currently scheduled for Saturday May 30. Township Clerk Mary Bur has confirmed that the 30th of May is the date contracted by Munro Township.  However, she cautions that this date may be changed or cancelled depending on the status of health concerns and State policies in effect at the time.
            Two-three weeks prior to May 30th, a final decision will be made.  The Township will advertise the date and restrictions on what materials can be picked up and what materials are not permitted. In general, be careful that your pick-up does not include hazardous material, tires, paint, other chemicals, etc.  We’ll provide a more detailed list when the date is confirmed.  Also, each household is limited to no more than one truck load of “pick-up.”  
Public Concerns about Returning Seasonal Residents
We are sharing a link to a recent article in the Petoskey News about the concerns of residents in northern Michigan about seasonal folks returning to their summer homes/cottages. 

Year-round Residents Concerns
Thank You
            Acts of kindness and words of appreciation are never wasted. We take many services for granted – mail delivery, FedEx and UPS, stocked shelves at grocery stores and, most importantly now, health care professionals and their support staffs.  Be thoughtful and generous to all who are continuing to do their jobs and often going above and beyond what is normal – with words, donations and recognition. 
     We can’t light up the sky over Douglas Lake, as the skyscrapers in major cities are doing to acknowledge critical care workers, but  all those folk doing their jobs in essential services, nursing care facilities, grocery stores and home delivery drivers along with hospitals, clinics and front-line first responders are earning our respect and gratitude 24-7.
     We can practice social distancing and still find special ways to say THANK YOU! Send a photo of what you/your family are doing and we'll feature these in an upcoming eNews,
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