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Douglas Lake Improvement Association
PO Box 472, Pellston, MI 49769             June 24, 2020

DLIA 2020 Information Flyer
The annual DLIA member information flyer for 2020 is available on line this year. Traditionally this flyer would be handed out to members by Zone Reps. However with social distancing recommended practices in play this summer, putting this information on line seemed the prudent thing to do. This is a two page flyer (front to back when printed, if your printer does this – otherwise two pages, single-sided.). 
Swimmers Itch Task Force Seeks Information
            Summer 2020 is starting off to be a very bad year for swimmers itch.  Some years this irritating and painful rash (from parasite) isn’t much of a problem; other years, it’s prevalent.  2020 is not a good year. A new DLIA Task Force co-chaired by Kim and Ed Grant has been formed to identify and evaluate cost options for mitigating the problem of Swimmers Itch at Douglas Lake.  As a first step, Kim is “fact finding.”
      If you or family members/visiting friends, et al. have experienced swimmers itch this summer please report this to Kim requests that you report the date, approximate lake location where exposure to the parasite might have occurred (e.g. swimming around North Fishtail Bay or playing in shallow water around Silver Strand location X) and severity of rash.
Tips for Preventing Swimmers’ Itch
     Tip of Mitt Watershed Council has an excellent explanation about the source of swimmers’ itch and some advice for how to control/reduce exposure and treat the rash.
     There are several means by which you can significantly reduce your chances of contracting the swimmer’s itch parasite.
  • Since itch-causing larvae usually live in the shallows near the shore, it is best to avoid these areas as much as possible. This is especially important when the wind is blowing toward the shore.
  • Towel off thoroughly as soon as you leave the water and at frequent intervals. The fragile cercaria of some species can sometimes be rubbed off before they fully penetrate the skin. 
  • Do not feed waterfowl! Feeding waterfowl may aggravate the problem by concentrating potential hosts in a limited area.
  • Maintain a healthy greenbelt along your shoreline property with a variety of native plants (including trees, shrubs, and herbaceous     plants) to prevent waterfowl from congregating on your property. Shading of near shore areas as a result of a shoreline greenbelt     will also help reduce the amount of bottom-dwelling algae growth, which is a primary food source for the type of snails that are commonly hosts in the schistosome cycle.
[Pictured above is a product usually sold at the UMBS store (not open this summer) to prevent swimmers itch. It is available on line.]
Pellston Food Pantry Needs Donations
            The Pellston Food Pantry helps folks locally who need help feeding their families. These are difficult economic times.  If you can help out, the pantry needs condiments, boxed cake/brownie mixes, sugar, flour, potatoes, fresh produce, canned goods.  Needs vary from week to week depending on donations and what is available.
      The Pellston Food Pantry receives donations on Wednesday. Call June at 231-537-2254 for drop-off time and updated information about what is needed.  Your help is very much appreciated by families in our area.
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