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Douglas Lake Improvement Association
PO Box 472, Pellston, MI 49769                       September 15, 2022   

New Gates on UMBS Two-track Roads
The Biological Station has received a few inquiries about gates recently installed on U-M two tracks at Douglas Lake Road. U-M two tracks are not public roads, and the gates reflect a long-standing U-M policy prohibiting motor vehicle use off public roads. We have observed increased traffic on UMBS property in recent years. Feedback indicates that gates communicate our policy more effectively than the admittedly confusing “Motorized Vehicles on County Seasonal Roads Only” statement in small text on our property boundary signs.
This is not just about policy enforcement for its own sake, though. The Biological Station manages property for the study of the natural world. UMBS policies and actions prioritize our mission of research, teaching, and conservation. Our policies prohibit activities that conflict with our mission and goals. Prohibited activities include camping, bonfires, dumping, habitat alteration or damage, and permanent hunting blinds or tree stands. We observed evidence of most of these activities along the roads where we recently installed gates.

The Biological Station recognizes the role of people in the natural world and the public value of wildlands. For that reason, although it is not public land, we welcome public use of the property. In exchange, we ask that users comply with our policies and guidelines as we continue to develop them and to improve communication.

Submitted by Adam Schubel, Resident Biologist, UMBS
DLIA Committee Annual Reports
(Annual Reports submitted by Committee Chairs are collated and published in eNews over several issues as a service to DLIA Membership) 
Douglas Lake Improvement Association-Membership Report
As of August 31, 2022, DLIA has 371 memberships.  The number at 12/31/2021 was 372.
All but 29 of the 371 memberships have paid 2022 dues.  Dues still owed are:
          22 owe $25 for 2022
            7 owe $50 for 2021 and 2022
Dues collected through 8/31/2022 total $8,550.
Submitted by Gwen Kuehn
September 1, 2022
Loon Committee Report
The Loon Committee is thrilled to report a record-setting breeding season here on Douglas Lake. Of the four nesting platforms placed on the lake this spring, four breeding pairs raised two chicks each. One of the adults was our returning resident loon, Claire, (#95 banded female born at Clam Lake in 2013), who successfully hatched and raised two of this year’s offspring. 
Monitoring by Rich and Holly Gedert, confirmed that the Maple, Marl and Manitou Bay chicks had survived to 10 weeks of age, while the chicks from North Fishtail Bay were seen at 9 weeks of age. Rich is confident that all 8 of the chicks fledged, which takes place between 11 and 12 weeks old.
We believe that the placement of extra buoys helped to discourage boaters from getting too close to the nests. Additionally, we’re grateful to the volunteers and residents of Douglas Lake for helping to make 2022 a successful loon breeding season.
The book, The Loons of Maple Bay, is still available through the DLIA online store. Filled with beautiful photos and information, it makes a great gift or coffee table book and is wonderful to share with children.
Submitted by Anne Covy, Loon Committee Chair September 1, 2022
Volunteer Committee Report 2022
The Volunteer Committee met informally in May. Due to a period of inactivity and to a reassessment of the committee’s purpose, the following recommendation was made.
The committee reached its original goal of creating a compilation of information relating to members’ willingness, availability, and interests in volunteering. The information was gathered by the Zone Reps and used briefly in the last year of Holly Gedert’s presidency.
The committee determined that the information would need to be collected annually given the membership status changes. It was also observed that the Zone Reps have the best knowledge of the volunteer possibilities among their members and that their input has served successfully in gathering volunteers to date.
Volunteer Committee recommendations:
A Volunteer Committee is not necessary. Maintaining accurate and timely volunteer information is necessary.
Maintaining a formal or informal bank of information about members’ availability, willingness, and interests in volunteering should be a part of Zone Reps’ charge.
A dollar amount should be in the annual budget for the purpose of thanking the Zone Reps for their work.
Note: This practice was initiated in 2021. Kelly Davis created a set of Douglas Lake photos which were gifted to each Zone Rep.
Submitted by Gail Beaver, Chair, Volunteer Committee
DLIA News Team Report – 2021-2022
Team members: Frank Beaver, Holly Gedert, Joan Hartwig (Chair), Jan Huntley, Margie Ladzick, Jayne Morris (resigned April 2022), Linda Orlow

The team virtually planned both Fall 2021 and Spring 2022 newsletters, and were responsible for assigned article preparation, either writing articles or contacting community resources to prepare articles. Deadlines for newsletter articles were:  Fall 2021 (10/02/21) and Spring 2022 (04/02/22).
The Fall 2021 edition was available via Mailchimp (eNews) or postal delivery by mid-November, with the Spring 2022 edition via Mailchimp (eNews) or postal delivery available by mid-May.  The 12-page Fall 2021 and 2022 Spring newsletters were delivered electronically to members with email addresses, and hard-copy newsletters were mailed to approximately 35 members without email addresses.  Approximately 25% of the hard-copy newsletters have Pellston/Levering mailing addresses.
In addition to those member households receiving hard-copy newsletters, approximately fifteen black/white copies were distributed by Bill Hartwig, DLIA Community Liaison, to the Cheboygan County Road Commission, and the Munro Township Board of Trustees, plus other copies were available for distribution to Zone representatives. 
The news team continues to suggest zone reps encourage members to provide email addresses to the DLIA.  Electronic delivery of the semi-annual newsletters usually reaches members several days before mailed hard-copies. Current printing and first-class postage costs ($0.58/oz.) are $2.53/newsletter. Note: First class postage rose to $0.60/oz. on July 10, 2022.
Fall 2021 Newsletter (12 pages) - $552.72
  • Key Creative, Alanson – Composition, photo charge, final web & high resolution $400.00
  • Northern Copy Express, Petoskey –
  • 60 copies, 11X17 newsletter, b/w @ $1.95, folded and stapled        117.00
  • Postage                                                                                          21.46
  • Avery mailing seal labels                                                                  14.26 
Spring 2021 Newsletter (12 pages) – $586. 72
  • Key Creative, Alanson - Composition, photo charge, final web & high resolution  $450.00
  • Northern Copy Express, Petoskey –
  • 60 copies 11X17 newsletter, b/w @ $.1.48, folded and stapled            117.00
  • Postage                                                                                          19.72                                                                                        
Submitted by Joan Hartwig, News Team Leader
DLIA Community Relations
2021/2022 Activities
Agencies contacted:Munro Township, Cheboygan County Commission, and Cheboygan County Road Commission.
 1. Represented DLIA at semi-monthly Cheboygan County Road Commission meetings held at the Indian River headquarters every 1st and 3rd Thursday of each month at 8 am.  Activates included: distributed copies of the DLIA Semi-annual Newsletter; wrote an article urging voters to support the road millage renewal request; at the Commission’s request placed road millage renewal request yard signs; and developed an ad supporting Road Commission candidates. 
2. Represented DLIA at Munro Township meetings held at either the Township Hall or Fire Station on the 2nd Tues of each month at 6:30 pm.  Activities included: distributed copies of the DLIA Semi-annual Newsletter; and updated the Board on DLIA and Road Commission activities. 
3. Contacted individual County Commissioners to inform them and urge their support for a variety of DLIA and Township issues. 
4. Assisted Douglas Lake DLIA members with the Cheboygan County Road Commission to relinquish the road end to the Douglas Lake boat ramp to Township jurisdiction. 
5. Assisted and encouraged the adoption of a Cheboygan County-wide Blight Ordinance.  Although this is not a DLIA effort it has generated a great deal of member interest.  I provided blight ordinance information from the Michigan Association of Planning.  This ordinance has been adopted and is available for enforcement. 
6. A Munro Twp. Road Millage which was developed at the request of the previous Township Supervisor is awaiting a Board decision.  Before advancing a road mileage proposal, the Township is first considering the need for a Fire Department millage increase. 
Submitted by Submitted by Bill Hartwig
NCMC Luncheon Lecture Series Announced
          North Central Michigan College has announced the dates and speakers for its 2022 Luncheon Lecture Series. A variety of topics will be featured, including details of a harrowing Air Force rescue, the great observational powers of the Webb telescope, how “do-gooders” can do better, the meaning of a new state law requiring kindergarteners to get dental exams, the relationship between classical music and totalitarian regimes, an analysis of the results of the November 8 midterm election, and information about Harbor Hall.
All hour-long programs will be held at noon on Fridays in the Library Conference Center. The attendance fee is $15 and includes a lunch buffet served at 11:30 a.m.  Pre-registration is required at
Dates/Speaker Topic:
September 23 – BAT 21                     John van Etten
October 7 – Discoveries from Deep Space    Rod Cortright, NASA/JPL Solar System ambassador
October 21 – Doing Good Better                  Randy Evans
November 4 – Seeing Smiles, Hearing Laughter     Dawn Marie Strehl, Health Dept.of Northern MI
November 18 – Stalin, Mao and Hitler: Classical Music and Totalitarian Regimes     Amanda Sewell, Ph.D., IPR Public Radio Music Director
December 2 – What Happened?    Scott LaDeur, Ph.D., Prof. political science, NCMC
December 16 – Harbor Hall    Peter Bucci, Executive Director and chief financial officer, Harbor Hall
For more detailed information about each speaker and topic, click on the link below:
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