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Douglas Lake Improvement Association
PO Box 472, Pellston, MI 49769              July 22, 2019

Mark Your Calendar!
            The Annual Meeting of the Douglas Lake Improvement Association (DLIA) is set for Monday, August 19th, 7:00 PM at the Gates Lecture Hall, UMBS.  Registration begins at 6:30.
            Our featured speaker is Kim Nowack, recently appointed as Executive Secretary of the Mackinac Bridge Authority. Since 2002, Kim has been the Chief Engineer for the Mackinac Bridge, and recently served as Interim Executive Secretary when her boss retired in May.  Kim is a great speaker about the history of transportation across the Mackinac Straits prior to the construction of the Bridge, construction, and on-going operation and maintenance of the Bridge. In her new position, she will be assisting the Authority as it anticipates future challenges for the Bridge and the Mackinac Straits.
            The traditional business meeting will follow the guest speaker. There are several items that will require votes of approval from the membership:
  • Election of a Treasurer
  • Approval of proposed changes to the DLIA Articles of Incorporation
  • Approval of proposed changes to the 2016 DLIA Bylaws
The next eNews will address the business agenda in more detail, including a link to a proxy form. Your vote is important, if you are unable to attend the meeting, please complete a proxy to share with your zone rep or a neighbor who will be attending the meeting.
What You May See During Vegetation Survey
            OK, you won't see this observant fellow but the picture is terrific,isn't it! Beginning the week of July 22nd, you may see the TOMWC’s Boston Whaler cruising and pausing along the shoreline, and areas further into the Lake which have vegetation, taking samples.  The data collection part of the Survey is, of course, weather and wind dependent, but is projected to take about 2-3 weeks.  In the 2012 survey, 22 different species of plants were identified in Douglas Lake.
Objectives of this year’s survey are several:
  • Have dominant plants changed in any area?
  • Is there a measurable zebra mussel impact since 2012?
  • What can be learned from a comparison of plant densities?
  • What is holistic assessment of health of various vegetatives' health?
  • Any evidence of invasive aquatic plant species? None was found in 2012.
TOMWC will use low flying drones where appropriate to map plant densities and study variable vegetative coloration.  Drone use will be done by a certified drone pilot and will not involve any pictures of people/property.
DLIA volunteers and UMBS students will be assisting TOMWC staff and interns with data gathering.  The Final Report should be completed next spring and shared with DLIA and UMBS both in hard copy and on line.  More about that later!

Come explore the University of Michigan Biological Station this summer Saturday, August 3
2019 Exploration Day + BioGeoBlitz
The University of Michigan Biological Station will open its doors to the public during the 2019 UMBS Exploration Day Saturday, August 3 from 2-4pm. 
Come explore the biological station, located off of Riggsville Road in Pellston, Michigan. Learn about the field courses we teach every spring and summer, explore ongoing scientific research sites, and participate in a "BioGeoBlitz" identifying plants, animals, birds, rocks, fish, reptiles, etc. under the guidance of our resident experts.
At 2 pm, we invite visitors to join us in the Gates Lecture Hall for a brief history of UMBS, followed by a guided tour of our campus and facilities. Then, guests will reconvene at the lecture hall to peruse various biological samples on display: insect collections, mammal skulls, bird skins, plant, rock, and soil samples, etc. At 3pm, they will join resident experts on a “BioGeoBlitz” around the Station’s property in order to identify, collect, and display as many members of each taxonomic group as possible.
There will be no cost to attend. Please note that pets are not allowed in the station because of our research and experiments.
Next Merchandise Sale  - August 10th
The next sale date is Saturday, August 10, 10-Noon at Pellston Storage Locker. Can it be??  An August sale date already?  Time passes quickly while you are loving living at Douglas Lake.  Capture those memories with your favorite tee shirts, mugs, sweatshirts and more.  Done shopping?  Stop by and visit with your neighbors and friends.
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