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PO Box 472, Pellston, MI 49769             August 30, 2020

Blight Enforcement Ordinance in Munro Township/ Cheboygan County
     The Cheboygan County Sheriff has reported to the Cheboygan County Board of Commissioners that a county-wide nuisance (“blight) ordinance is not permissible, according to the County’s legal counsel.  The townships (and there are 19 townships in Cheboygan County) would have to take the lead on the matter and all adopt the same blight ordinance, so the sheriff’s department road patrol deputies could enforce it. Drafts of the proposed blight ordinance were shared with the Michigan Townships Association earlier in the summer.
            Sheriff Dale Clermont has put together an ordinance which could potentially be adopted by each of the townships in the county, or a select number of the townships who wanted to participate. The proposed nuisance (“blight”) ordinance has been discussed by Munro Township Officers and Trustees but no action has been taken as yet pending language clarification in the proposed ordinance.
            At this time, a copy of the proposed ordinance is not available to share with eNews readers. But if you have an opinion about whether Munro Township should approve a blight ordinance, you should communicate with Munro Township Supervisor Charles Antkoviak. You can also write Paul Nows, DLIA member and a Munro Township Trustee, with your support or opinions about Munro Township adopting this ordinance. Paul’s address is: 9350 Star Trail, Levering, MI 49755. Paul will submit any letters to the Township as Correspondence. The next Township meeting is at 7:00 pm on September 8th at the Munro Township Hall, 8016 Brandau Rd., Levering. Further consideration of this ordinance will be addressed in a future eNews.
Mobile Boat Wash Station Returns Sunday September 6th 10am-2pm
     Aquatic invasives are adversely impacting Michigan’s lakes, streams, and wetlands, and efforts to identify them and prevent their spread are more important now than ever. That’s why the Tip of the Mitt Watershed Council (WC)  partnered with the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the U.S. Forest Service, local lake associations ( including DLIA), and other nonprofits to kick off a new mobile boat washing station to service local lakes across our region. Throughout the summer, the boat wash station has been visiting public boat ramps at inland lakes. 
     DLIA and Douglas Lake hosted the station in its early days for two Saturdays in mid-June.  Unfortunately, while the volunteers were enthusiastic, the boat wash high-pressure unit wasn’t cooperative.  However we have been assured that the fix has been made and we are ready to offer boats a free wash on Sunday, September 6th between 10 am-2pm at the Douglas Lake Boat Ramp.
     This wash station uses high-pressure, heated water to effectively clean most invasive species from trailers and boats. While boaters using the boat ramp won’t be required to wash their trailers and boats, we hope the availability and convenience of the boat wash station will encourage them to take advantage of this service.
     Volunteers from DLIA are working with WC to help spread the word and broaden the awareness of “clean boats/clean water.” If you’re interested in volunteering at the boat wash event at DL Boat Ramp on Sunday, please email
Children and Boating/Water Recreation Safety
            Recently a 5-year boy drowned in Duncan Bay (Cheboygan, Lake Huron) after he fell off a tube being pulled by a boat. Tragically, the boy was not wearing a life jacket. He was later found in about 10’ of water. Police believe he had been in the water about 5 minutes.
            Michigan Law is clear: a child that age must wear a life jacket anytime they on this type of boat or being towed on a tube in Michigan waters.  A very important aspect of this heart-breaking lesson is: not just any lifejacket will do. A child needs a properly-fitting, child-sized life jacket.  It is critically important that the life jacket be snuggly fitted so someone trying to rescue the child cannot snare a loose jacket that might slip right over the child’s head. See the photo above which we have included to demonstrate the significant difference in the size of a child’s “personal protection device” (more commonly called a life jacket) compared to an adult’s life jacket.  Children’s life jackets have multiple sizes given age/weight of the child and use zippers instead of Velcro or snap clasps. 
            Many children enjoy boating, tubing and water skiing on Douglas Lake. Please be aware of the life jacket requirements and insist young children wear lifejackets appropriate to their size and weight whenever they are tubing, boating or riding on jet skis.
Michigan Inland Lakes Virtual Zoom Meeting September 16-18
            “Conserving Lakes in a Changing Environment” is the theme of the 2020 Michigan Inland Lakes Partnership Convention.  Usually this would be an “in-person” event, but due to COVID-19, the meeting is online via Zoom.
            The conference is a mix of Keynote addresses, workshops, extended presentations and speed talks. One keynote address should be of interest to Douglas Lake residents:  “Beyond Walden: The Hidden History of America’s Kettle Lakes and Ponds,” given by the book’s author Robert Thorson.
     For the full agenda and more information about the conference, go to Michigan Inland Lakes Convention.
     The cost of registration is $30.  Registration closes at 11:59 p.m. on Friday, September 11, 2020.  As a special incentive for DLIA members, the Association will reimburse 50% of the registration cost for members who register and provide a brief written report of some aspect of the meeting (a workshop, a presentation, a Keynote, a speed talk). Send your brief report with proof of registration to Reports or comments from a report may be included in the DLIA 2020 Annual Report.  Please check out the program and consider participating.  
Pellston Elementary School Needs Your Help
            COVID-19 is playing havoc with schools at all levels, but it is particularly menacing for kindergarten and first and second graders as they are at an age where being masked and keeping social distances are huge challenges. Teachers will have additional responsibilities and expectations for cleaning surfaces, hands, faces, and everything the children touch during their classroom time.
            Pellston Elementary School is opening soon and the need for supplies (teaching and cleaning) is enormous.  In the past teachers in the early learning grades have shared supplies and teaching aids.  Students are no longer allowed to share items and everything must be sanitized at least daily if not more often.  Teachers have been allocated a very small allowance to buy needed supplies. Parents have been asked to donate items and many do. But the need for additional resources is considerable.
            Womenade is leading a campaign to help the Pellston Elementary teachers meet the special costs of keeping children, teachers and staff healthy in the time of COVID-19.  Your generosity in this time is needed. Whatever amount you feel you can donate is greatly appreciated. All funds raised through Womenade will be turned over to Mrs. Emily Matelski to manage the ordering and distribution of supplies.  Checks made out to DL Womenade can be sent to Marilyn Kelemen, Treasurer, at 11406 White Birch Drive, Pellston, MI 49769.
Last 2020 Summer Douglas Lake Merchandise Sale September 5th
            The last merchandise sale of the season is Saturday, September 5th from 10am-noon at the Pellston Locker.  Autumnal weather is creeping into northern Michigan. Can holiday shopping be far behind?  Here’s a great opportunity to get those special “someones” their favorite Douglas Lake gear or maybe a 2021 calendar with pictures to remind you of the Lake the year ‘round.
     Social distancing and masks please.
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