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PO Box 472, Pellston, MI 49769             September 28, 2020

November 3, 2020 Election Day
Bill Hartwig, DLIA Community Relations
      Hopefully, you are already aware of the upcoming election.  A great deal of media coverage focuses on candidates for national and state offices.   Often little information is focused on county and local races.   Following are candidates for: Cheboygan County, Munro Township, Charlevoix-Emmet ISD, and Pellston Public Schools pertaining to the DLIA area; two Statewide ballot proposals; and a County Ambulance Millage proposal.
Prosecuting Att. - Melissa Goodrich (R)
Sheriff - Dale V. Clarmont (R)
Clerk & Reg. of Deeds - Karen Brewster (R)
Treasurer - Buffy Jo Weldon (R)
         James Johnson (L)
Road Comm. - David D. Brown (R)  
Drain Comm. - Cam Cavitt (R)
Surveyor - James H. Granger (R)
1st Dist. County Comm. - Mary Ellen Tryban (R)

Supervisor (vote for one) - Charles Antkoviak (D)
                                      Keith E. Ginop (R)
Clerk – Mary Bur (R)
Treasurer – Cheryl D. Dotski (R)
Trustee (vote for two) – John Bohn (D)
                                      Paul Nows (D)
                                     Ty Antkoviak (R)
                                    Donald Tracey (R)
Constable – Matthew Ginop (R)
Pellston Public Schools
Board Member (vote for not more than three) – Kristen Bauer Frye
                                                                      Robert Thomson
                                                       Mark Zink
Charlevoix-Emmet Intermediate School District
Board member (vote for not more than four) – Larry Cassidy
                                                                                 Thelma A. Chellis
                                                                               Jean E. Frentz
                                                                                 Mary P. Jason
Proposal 20-1 - Allow oil and gas money from state owned land to be used for public land protection and creation; and maintenance of parks, nature areas, and public recreation facilities.
Proposal 20-2 – Require a search warrant to access personal electronic data or communication.
Ambulance Millage – Allow the county to levy up to .50 mills to support ambulance services. 
There are four local Judicial races on the ballot.  As these are all uncontested, they have not been included on this list.  Be aware, that while Judicial races are non-partisan, some candidates are listed as Incumbent and others as Non-incumbent. 
[Editor’s Note:  Although November 3 is Election Day, in fact absentee/mail-in balloting is already underway in Michigan.  In Michigan, if you are not voting in person on November 3rrd, your ballot must be received by the Clerk of your voting township by 8:00 pm on November 3, 2020.]
Vote Yes for MI Water, Wildlife & Parks
          An important proposal is on the MI November Ballot. This proposal (Proposal 20-1)  would update and expand the Michigan Natural Resources Fund (MNRF).  The MNRF plays a key role in protecting wildlife habitats, maintaining outdoor recreational spaces, and conserving land around our clean water resources.  This November Michigan voters will be given an historic opportunity to continue the Michigan Natural Resources Fund’s legacy of protecting Michigan’s great outdoors for all of us to enjoy, without raising our taxes.
     MNRF is funded by royalties from private industry. Oil, gas and mining industries are required to pay royalties on the minerals they extract from public land.  The MNR Trust Fund ensures that these dollars go back to our natural resources and beautiful outdoor spaces.  But under current law, there is a ceiling of how much funding the MNRTF can receive and it’s reached its cap. This proposal will remove the cap so that the MNRTF can continue to receive royalties and investing them straight back into our outdoor spaces, providing greater protection for our water resources, wildlife habitats and parks.
          A broad, bi-partisan coalition, including the Tip of the Mitt Watershed Council, is reaching out to educate MI voters about MNRF and encourage them to vote YES on the November 3rd ballot.  The campaign is called Vote Yes for MI Water, Wildlife and Parks.
          Check out to learn more about the proposal, sign up to volunteer to take the pledge to vote yes.
DL Boat Ramp Takedown Plans
            Tentative dates for storing the Douglas Lake boat ramp are October 17th or October 24th, depending on conditions, according to Stuart Case, Chair DLIA Boat Ramp Committee.  We’ll keep you posted as proposed dates and cooler weather approach. 
US31 Autumn Road Clean-up
            The morning of September 22nd was a beautiful autumn day in northern Michigan, bright sunshine, light breeze and mellow temperatures. Road Clean-up Chair Rich Gedert convened the group at 10:00am.  Due to COVID-19, this was the first MDOT clean-up of the year.  Volunteers included Holly & Rich Gedert, Kim Grant, Bob Huntington, Pete Klaas, Susie Nolan, Dan Oldham, Linda Orlow, Mary Ellen Sheridan, and Karen Spezia. Bob and Dan were still on the job when the above photo was taken.
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