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Douglas Lake Improvement Association
PO Box 472, Pellston, MI 49769             June 9, 2021

DL Boat Ramp Obstacle Cleared
          The cement fragment and a length of rebar that could interfere with boat launching and retrieval at the Douglas Lake Boat Ramp have been removed. Thank you to Stuart Case, Pat Keiser and some helpful neighbors, one with access to a heavy-duty John Deere, for successfully clearing the ramp area.
First DLIA Merchandise Sale June 12th 10-Noon
          Get ready to get out and catch up with your DL neighbors while you check out the new merchandise that Kelly Davis has selected for the new season. There are many new items to choose from – perfect for toddlers, kids and adults. With Father’s Day looming (June 20th), here’s an opportunity to check out new golf shirts and Tees.
          Unfortunately, the 2022 DLIA Calendars are hung up in a printing delay and won’t be available until the July 3rd Sale. But you can place your order with Kelly on Saturday to assure that you get this popular item when it arrives.
          The DLIA Sale is held at the Pellston Locker, just off Douglas Lake Rd in back of the Pellston Lodge, from 10am-Noon. 
          On an important note:  Kelly is shorthanded on staff for the July 3rd sale. She’s hoping 3-4 volunteers are reading this now and will email her at to help out. 
Celebrate the 4th!  Parades are Back!!
          Watching a July 4th parade is a great American tradition.  We certainly missed celebratory events last year.  Both Cheboygan and Harbor Springs are having parades. You can do both.  Cheboygan’s parade is Saturday July 3rd while Harbor Springs’ parade is Sunday July 4th.  Break out the red, white and blue wardrobe and head for a parade. Links below give details on each parade.
          In Cheboygan, the parade begins on July 3rd along Main Street from the Cheboygan County Building north to the FOE parking lot.
          In Harbor Springs, July 4th offers a full day of events. The annual Fourth of July Community Art Show will take place in Zorn Park from 10 a.m.-5 p.m.; the Fourth of July parade will take place at 1 p.m., and fireworks will begin at dusk.
DLIA's Proactive Steps to Prevent Aquatic Invasives in Doulas Lake
            Recently, Pete Klaas, DLIA’s resident Aquatic Invasives point person and DLIA liaison on the Burt Lake Watershed Management Advisory Group responded to a question from the Watershed Council to itemize any action, activities that we (lake association members of the Advisory Group) have taken that meet the Burt Lake Watershed Management Plan objectives. Pete reported on an impressive array of proactive steps DLIA has taken to increase awareness of the DL community about the threat of aquatic invasive plants and animals. Pete shared his report below:
     DLIA has done the following since 2012, when I got involved:
  • Conducted volunteer training for aquatic invasive identification and CBCW (Clean Boats, Clean Waters), at the time with material provided by the Michigan Sea Grant program (2013).
  • Held boat launch information/inspection sessions to promote the Clean Boats, Clean Waters program (2013)
  • Developed and installed Boat Launch information signage with help from TOMWC. Ongoing
  • Placed brochure boxes at the boat launch to provide information to boaters. Ongoing
  • Distributed Aquatic Plant identifications charts from Midwest Aquatic Plant Management Society to all DLIA members (2014)
  • sponsored EGLE BioBlitz sessions at the launch ramp on Douglas Lake (2020 and 2021)
  •  Participated in TOMWC portable boat wash days at the boat launch (2020 and 2021)
  • Contracted with and participated in TOMWC aquatic plant surveys (2013 and 2019)
  • Acquired two benthic blankets for use if a “hot spot” of an aquatic plant invasive is discovered in Douglas Lake.  (FYI – these blankets are unfurled to lie on the surface of the water and prevent photosynthesis to prevent additional proliferation of an aquatic plant invasive.) DLIA keeps these safely in storage in case of emergency.
We believe these actions have contributed to greater awareness of the invasive species impact, and the resulting absence of these nuisance plants in the lake.
[Thanks. Pete, for agreeing to share your report with DLIA membership. It takes volunteers and work to avoid introducing invasives into the Lake.  We all benefit from the pristine waters of Douglas Lake.] 
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