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Douglas Lake Improvement Association
PO Box 472, Pellston, MI 49769             May 5, 2022

 Douglas Lake Dock is In
          Stuart Case’s boat launch volunteer maintenance group installed the dock last Saturday. Some exposed rebar on a concrete piece close to the north side of the dock was seen and flattened down to avoid interference with boat launching and removing. The pictures above show the dock guys hard at work and a close-up shot of the rebar (a length of branch is positioned just to the north of the rebar to encourage folks to be extra cautious when launching or removing boats/trailers).  Many thanks for Stuart and his crew (Kent Case, Rich Gedert, Chris Walts, and Ron Witthoff) for their labors on a chilly and windy morning. 
          The dock will have to be taken down when the boat launch replacement project gets going – but the Township and DLIA thought it made sense to provide the extra convenience and safety the dock provides until that time.  There still may be issues with old boat ramp breaking up into pieces and potential for rebar obstructions so if you are putting a boat in before the new ramp is in place be extra cautious. The dock will be re-installed when the new ramp installation is complete.
          Inevitably there will be a period when the boat launch area is shut down while old ramp is removed and new launch is installed. When we know the start date, it will be announced in DLIA’s eNews, on I Love Douglas Lake and posted at the boat ramp. We understand that there is a 30-day period between order and availability date for the concrete pads that make up the launch. The target date for completion of the new launch project is end of June.  Stay tuned.
          Looking forward to summer of easy living on Douglas Lake.
DNR Cancels Common Merganser Trap & Release Permits for 2022
               Earlier this year, the Michigan Department of Natural Resources (DNR) confirmed the state’s first cases of HPAI H5N1 in wild birds in the state. 
         With the evidence that HPAI is present in the state, it presents a clear and important threat to wild birds and domestic poultry facilities.  The DNR has made the difficult decision to cancel all capture and relocation of waterfowl this year, including those activities carried out under the Common Merganser Control Program.  Relocation of common mergansers has the risk of transporting HPAI around the state and facilitating the spread of the virus.  The DNR has notified Common Merganser control contractors of the cancelation.  Any sites that have already had their permit application fees processed will be issued refunds by the DNR.   
            The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention considers the risk to people from HPAI viruses to be low. To date, no human HPAI infections have been detected in the United States. MDARD, the DNR, the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, the U.S. Departments of Agriculture, Veterinary Services (USDA, VS) and Wildlife Services (USDA, WS) and Michigan State University (MSU) are working together to conduct avian influenza surveillance and to monitor health of poultry, livestock, wildlife and residents in Michigan.  If you notice the death of three or more wild birds, please report it to DNR through the Eyes in Field App or at 517-336-5030.
            For Douglas Lake, this means there will be no common merganser trap and relocate program this summer. Please continue to report brood sightings and swimmers itch cases to Swimmer’s Itch Solutions website: The DLIA Swimmer’s Itch committee will continue to gather information on brood sightings and occurrence of swimmer’s itch. No one knows how prevalent swimmer’s itch will be this summer – take appropriate precautions to protect family, children and friends when enjoying water activities. Helpful suggestions will be posted in a future eNews.
Bird Feeders and Avian Flu
          Michigan wildlife experts are asking residents to consider removing their bird feeders as songbirds migrate back to the state amid an outbreak of avian flu. The Michigan Department of Natural Resources says highly pathogenic avian flu has been confirmed in several counties this spring. Bird congregating at feeders could spread the illness.
          Waterfowl, raptors and scavenger birds are most susceptible to bird flu, but the potentially deadly illness can affect any species or birds. The illness does not spread easily from birds to humans.
          The DNR has not issued specific guidance or an advisory that would require people to remove bird feeders or bird baths. The suggestion was offered as a measure people could consider if they are concerned about spreading bird flu. Depending on the spread of bird flu, the DNR says its advice against bird feeders and bird baths may only be in effect for a few months. 
          Many people usually take bird feeders down for the summer soon anyway, as birds find more plentiful feeding options as the weather warms. For people who keep their bird feeders up, the DNR asks they that clean it periodically, pick up spilled bird seed off the ground and keep feeders away from any domestic flocks.
          Anyone who comes across unusual or unexplained bird deaths should call the DNR Wildlife Disease Laboratory at 517-336-5030.
(photo note - even the bear knows to take down the bird feeder)
Call for Volunteers for 2022 DL Boat Assist Team
          The Douglas Lake Volunteer Boat Assist Team consists of residents of DL who have volunteered to assist boaters who are stranded on the lake due to a malfunctioning boat or motor. The volunteers are not professional boat mechanics but are willing to lend a hand and get you to shore. Ron Kelemen has coordinated this volunteer group for a number of years. Thank you, Ron!  He is looking for some new volunteers to join the group.
       Team members live in several areas around the lake. If you need assistance, please call a volunteer living near the area where you are stranded. Describe the type of problem you are experiencing, your location, type and color of your boat, and how many people are on board
       The Team is available for the boating season from 5/30/22 to 9/6/22.
       Anyone interested in being a volunteer should contact Ron at 231-373-2614 or
Watershed Academy Students Wade into Maple River
          Last June, the DLIA Executive Board voted to support the Watershed Council’s Watershed Academy program at Pellston High School. Recently I caught up with a group of first year Pellston High School students getting their field experience with water sampling techniques, testing procedures, and bug/insect trapping in the Maple River just south of Pellston when the River crosses US 31.  Eli Baker and Lauren Dey from the Watershed Council offered tutorials about what the students would be doing and what they could learn from the experience; they also provided all the instructional materials, proper gear and testing equipment, including insect/bug trapping nets, for the group of students to wade into their field, or more accurately water, work. Everyone seemed to welcome the challenge of balancing in waders in the Maple River current and then trekking off to net bugs.  The Watershed Academy typically has fall and spring training and monitoring days. Even during COVID, Pellston High School students got their field experiences this year.
Passing Note:  We recently learned that Bob Reynolds died April 10, 2022.  Bob and Beth Reynolds called Jackson Michigan their winter home and made their cottage at Douglas Lake their summer home. 
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