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Douglas Lake Improvement Association
PO Box 472, Pellston, MI 49769             July 11, 2021

2021DLIA Annual Meeting!! Tuesday August 24th  7-9 p.m.
Hidden River Golf & Casting Club
          Yes, there will be an Annual Meeting for DLIA members this year.  We have arranged the use of the restaurant space at the Hidden River Golf & Casting Club (HRGCC).  Some of you have played golf on this lovely course; others have enjoyed dining in the Rainbow Room or on the patio on the lower level.
          The DLIA business meeting begins at 7:00 p.m.  A cash bar opens at 6:00 p.m. so DLIA members who arrive early can have a drink (alcoholic or non) or a glass of wine and catch up with their neighbors and friends whom they have not seen due to COVID restrictions for way too long.  We will use the room directly in front of the main entrance for registration and putting your name into the hopper for the drawing of DL gifts at the conclusion of the meeting. This room leads into the bar area and then into the restaurant space where tables and chairs will be set up for the meeting. Weather permitting, feel free to enjoy the lower-level outdoor patio area before the meeting.
          There is no dinner food service available this summer at HRGCC. Probably a very good idea to have an early dinner or a late afternoon meal before arriving for the Annual Meeting. Snack packs will be at the tables – but best not to arrive hungry! 
          Two guest speakers have been invited to share their roles in community services that benefit the DLIA community:  Randy Bricker, Pellston Fire Chief and Head of Emmet County Emergency Squad based at Pellston Fire Station; and Sergeant Earl Manuel from the Cheboygan County Sheriff’s office who is the Recreation Division Officer.  His position was created by the Sheriff’s office in 2014 to ensure marine, snowmobile and ORV patrols continue to meet the needs of citizens of Cheboygan County.
          As time permits, brief reports from several committees will be presented.  Other DLIA Committee reports will be included in later eNews publications.
          There are three action items in our business meeting that require approval of the membership:
       1. Vote of approval of Minutes of last convened Annual Meeting, August 19, 2019. Draft minutes can be reviewed online at 20190819-annual.pdf (  
       2.  Selection of DLIA Treasurer for two-year term beginning August 25, 2021-2022.  Current Treasurer Suzanne Witthoff is eligible and has agreed to serve for a second term.  Nominations will also be accepted from the floor.
       3.  Approval of an Amendment to the DLIA Articles of Incorporation to cite the State of MI statute that indemnifies individuals who voluntarily serve on governing boards of nonprofit organizations from personal liability in the conduct of the nonprofit’s business.  (See more specific explanation and proposed language in next article).
          It’s been a long time coming but we are delighted to have an Annual Meeting this summer and look forward to seeing old and new DLIA members on Tuesday, August 24th.  The address and a link for directions to the HRGCC is below:
Hidden River Gold & Casting Club
7688 Maple River Road, Brutus, MI  49716

Hidden River Golf & Casting Club - Google Maps
Amendment to DLIA Articles of Incorporation Proposed
          When the DLIA Executive Board met May 26th, 2021, it reviewed proposed language for an Amendment to the DLIA Articles of Incorporation. The new Article describes a limitation of liability provision protecting officers, directors and other voting members of the DLIA Executive Board in accordance with Michigan law when such voting members are acting in good faith in fulfillment of their duties on the Executive Board, the governing body of the Douglas Lake Improvement Association.
          Incorporating this citation of protection provided by Michigan state law was recommended to be included in the DLIA Articles of Incorporation by Gail Gruenwald, Executive Director, Tip of the Mitt Watershed Council, and Legal Advisor to the Watershed Council.  COVID restrictions since spring 2019 have delayed EB action on this item. 
          The Executive Board now seeks the approval of the DLIA membership to amend the Articles of Incorporation. The existing Articles of Incorporation and past Amendment are printed on pages 5-9 in the 2021 DLIA Membership Directory and available for review on the DLIA website at
          Language of proposed a new Amendment (Article IX) is printed in full below:
Pursuant to the provisions of Act No 162, Public Acts of 1982, of the State of Michigan, as amended:
  1. The Officers, Executive Board Members, Zone Representatives or non-director volunteers of this Corporation shall not be personally liable to the Corporation or its members for monetary damages for breach of duty, except as otherwise provided in said Act.
  1. This Corporation assumes all liability to any person or entity other than the Corporation or its members, for all acts or omissions of an Officer, Executive Board Members, Zone Representatives or non-director volunteer of this Corporation incurred in the good faith performance of such Officer’s, Executive Board Member’s, Zone Representative’s, or non-director volunteer’s duties, or acts taken on behalf of this Corporation, as such, occurring the earlier of ______________, 2021 or the filing date of this Amendment whichever is valid under applicant’s Law.
  1. This Corporation shall indemnify all Officers, Executive Board Members, Zone Representatives, or non-director volunteers to the fullest extent permitted all as defined in, and provided under, Sections 561, 562, and 563 of said Act as amended.
  1. The foregoing provisions shall apply to the fullest extent permitted under any and all of the foregoing statutory provisions.
If you have any questions about this proposed Amendment, contact Mary Ellen Sheridan at
[photo: macaroni penguins, Falkland Islands]
DLIA Merchandise Sale July 24th, 2021 10 a.m.-Noon
     The next DL merchandise sale is Saturday, July 24th.  Kelly Davis and her volunteer sales staff look forward to seeing you at the Pellston Locker, just off Douglas Lake Road in back of the Pellston Lodge. Lots of great gift ideas.
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