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PO Box 472, Pellston, MI 49769              May 13, 2019

Our Loons are Back!
The 2019 Summer Season on Douglas Lake is officially open.  Loons returned to Doulas Lake several weeks ago, and as soon as the ice cleared, Rich Gedert, Dave Thompson and other helpful members of the Loon Nesting Team were braving very chilly waters to put four loon platforms in potential nesting areas.
We now have cameras set up on three platforms to monitor nesting pairs, eggs and look forward to seeing healthy chicks in due course. DLIA’s web site,, has a link to our Loon Nesting Program which has information about DLIA’s history with loon nesting support, background information about loon calls, loon behavior and care and protection of nesting areas.  You can also review past years’ experience with loon nesting, eggs and chicks. There is a link to the 2019 nesting platform cameras through this site.
You can also link directly to the 2019 loon platform cameras at
Loon nesting platforms have been placed in areas conductive to the quiet and privacy nesting parents require. Please honor the protective signs placed near these platforms and avoid boating, kayaking and otherwise intruding on loons' nesting areas.
June 6 Lecture: Emerging Global Climate Crisis in Northern Michigan
Invitation to the DLIA Community from Karie Slavik, Associate Director, U-M Biological Station:
Please join us at the U-M Biological Station (UMBS) for Dr. Knute Nadelhoffer's public lecture: Confronting our Emerging Global Climate Crisis in Northern Michigan on Thursday, June 6 at 7:30 p.m. in the UMBS Gates Lecture Hall, with a reception and light refreshments starting at 6 p.m.
SUMMARY: Climate change is upon us and its impacts on our health, economic well-being, and security are rapidly accelerating, at both the global scale and within our Great Lakes region. It is also threatening the integrity of the ecological systems that purify our water, cleanse our atmosphere, and provide us with other environmental and economic benefits. This talk will describe the causes of and evidence for climate change, and will compare the predicted effects of alternative climate change mitigation actions on our region. It will conclude with recommendations for effective policies aimed at minimizing and eventually reducing the most severe consequences of our unfolding climate crisis.
Knute Nadelhoffer is the Director of UMBS and a professor in the U-M Dept. of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology. He manages projects focused on human-environment interactions and climate change impacts in the Great Lakes region. His research focuses on relationships among terrestrial ecosystems, water quality, and the climate system. He has published over 125 peer-reviewed journal articles and book chapters describing ecological processes at local through global scales.
UMBS is located at 9133 Biological Rd, Pellston, MI 49769
(Editor's Footnote - There are no icebergs in Douglas Lake.  However, there were days in the last winter months that we thought views of the Antarctic wouldn't be out of place.) 
Message from TOMWC seeking DLIA members' support for FY2020 Funding from State for Swimmer's Itch Partnership Program

Dear Michigan Swimmer’s Itch Partnership,
We need your help to ensure there is state funding for swimmer’s itch programs next year! To date, funding for the Michigan Swimmer’s Itch Partnership has leveraged $900,000 in private support.
Many lakes are enjoying the benefits of success, but swimmer’s itch is an ongoing problem that needs continued support. If left unchecked, the incidence of swimmer’s itch will likely continue to increase and the costs of remediation efforts will skyrocket.
Swimmer’s itch cannot be prevented by simply showering after a swim. Precautionary actions can reduce some risk; however, only a science-based, multi-faceted initiative to significantly lessen the existence of the parasite will restore our lakes to their rightful splendor.
Anecdotally, swimmer’s itch has affected property values, cottage sales, cottage rentals, overall tourism and local businesses on and around affected lakes. The use and enjoyment of these lakes can be significantly diminished if people choose to NOT swim in parasite-infected waters.
Let your state elected officials know that you are supportive of a resolution to this issue, that you support the State’s stake in the battle, and support continuing to include this funding in the 2019-2020 Fiscal Year budget.
Contact your state representative. Urge them to include support for the Swimmer’s Itch Pilot Program for FY2020 in the amount of $250,000. To find email addresses for members of the House of Representatives click here.
Contact your state senator. Urge them to reach out to Chairman Stamas and Subcommittee Chairman Bumstead to include support for the Swimmer’s Itch Pilot Program for FY2020 in the amount of $250,000. To find email addresses for members of the Senate click here.
If you receive a personal response from your representative or senator, please consider sharing your success with Michigan Swimmer’s Itch Partnership co-chair Greg Semack by emailing
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