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International Women's Day is celebrated with gusto in Italy as Festa Della Donna, a 'girls' night out' tradition that we couldn't help but adopt here at A16. March 8th is an evening for us to celebrate the women in our lives and some of our wine and food heroes, too! Feast on a menu designed around the goat cheeses of local legend Soyoung Scanlan of Andante Dairy and toast with the wines of our two rockstar guest winemakers, Bibiana Gonzales Rave from Santa Lucia and Daniela di Gruttola of Cantina Giardino in Campania. The evening's proceeds will help maternal health organization Every Mother Counts continue to link mothers with providers of essential care.


3.7.16 - RESERVE
Welcoming THREE of our favorites in ONE night: La Sibilla, Paoli Cali and Cenatiempo. A la carte dishes inspired by each of their unique locales will be available to pair with wines they'll bring along (think Amalfi lemon-brightened calamari, Ischian rabbit pasta and Sicilian lamb meatballs with agrodolce...) Although no real convincing is required, Shelley sings their praises below:
Grape-growing has always been the common denominator of life on Ischia, a wine-trading island since Phoenician times. Here, the herbs are lush the air is salty, it's only 30 minutes from Naples and Amalfi but, it is truly on its own 'island time', a feeling that Pasquale Cenatiempo's wines seem to perfectly embody. Ischia's native Biancolella has long been one of the most noteworthy and important grapes of Italy and it has long captivated our team and guests as a go-to for a zesty and distinctive white wine. Pasquale farms organic and biodynamic vineyards of Biancolella and Forestera spread throughout the small island. Grapes are brought to their refurbished winery of yore - straight from a museum carving with its white rooms burrowed out of stone. Welcome Pasquale with a crisp glass or two!
The Di Meo family of La Sibilla have been farming in the Volcanic crater of Vesuvius, Campi Flegrei for generations. They are dedicated to the local Piedirosso and Falanghina grapes.  Walk through their vineyards and you'll notice tomato plants in between their vines, as they are known for incredible San Marzano tomatoes and have quite the local following (truly a big statement). Their vineyard in Bacoli, the north side of Naples, has a ruin of Julius Caesar's summer home, where the Bay of Naples and potentially invading ships were able to be seen from a distance.  It's all just a way of life in this storied land.  Their Falanghina is crisp, mineral-driven and perfect for the hot Neapolitan summers.  Please welcome Vincenzo di Meo as we pour his wines and talk about making wine with his family and life in Naples.
Although Paolo Cali began as a pharmacist, he was entranced by the siren call of his family’s ancestral profession as winemakers in Sicily’s southwestern Vittoria. In the 1990’s he replanted his family’s property with the two traditional local varietals: Frappato and Nero d’Avola. By 2003 he was making his own beautiful wines from these grapes, both as single varietals and as a blend in the classic Cerasuolo di Vittoria. His frappato has become one of our favorite examples of this distinctive Sicilian wine and its delicate, wild strawberry aromatics make it incredibly versatile sip with our menu.
Toast Paolo with a glass in our bar or dining room!