Sept, 2016 --
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The Inside Edge

 ...connecting us with how Jesus is moving at the margins  
Briarpatch Community Garden

If you would have walked by the corner of Princess and Cordova 3 years ago, you would have noticed an abandoned lot, completely taken over by blackberries.  This little section, in the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver, would be completely closed off and inaccessible.  

But thanks to the help of many neighbors, the Vancouver team has been able to transform this forgotten piece of property into a lush garden.  Now, if you walk by you'll notice yellow sunflowers, sweet cherry tomatoes, children playing and laughing, the smell of delicious pizzas, brilliant dahlias, and colourful carrots.

The Briarpatch Garden has continued to thrive this year, and they've gathered a bountiful harvest of strawberries, carrots, beets, beans, peas, peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, corn, squash and even grapes!

At the heart of the Downtown Eastside, this once abandoned lot has become a place to gather. Last year the team hosted twelve community parties in the garden, and they're on pace for that again this year. And with the help of a local potter, the garden is now equipped with a cob oven, allowing folks to have homemade, oven-baked pizzas all summer long!

The Vancouver team believes that restoration and healing takes place when we encounter beauty and feel a connection to creation. As the garden continues to grow, they pray that it can continue to be a gathering place where people can experience joy, peace, and well as a great tasting pizza and salad!

Read more about the team and what they're up to here.

Re-imagining Servants....2017 and Beyond.  

God is doing something fresh and new within Servants, and there is an excitement in the air.

From August 7-12, a group of 12 leaders within Servants gathered in Manila to “dream and scheme” about where God is moving, and how we can best pursue our vision statement:   to see the poor and their communities transformed by the power of Christ.

The group came together to discuss and discern the best ways forward for Servants as an organization.  Throughout the week we looked into the key questions of where we are now, where we came from, what our main concerns are. We clarified our identity and mission, and we developed a transition plan forward. One of the key outcomes of the meeting was the decision to set-up a Servants resource hub in Manila, from where formation, training and pastoral care can happen more intentionally and more relationally. We believe the hub can address...continue reading.

Our vision is to see the urban poor and their communities transformed through Christ.
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Prayer Points

Southall, UK--
Please give thanks with us for the countless blessings and provisions that we have experienced over the eight years of our presence in Southall, especially for deep and enriching relationships with and among friends and neighbours. We are confident that these will continue to flourish, and that what we have shared together has laid good foundations for what will come in the future. We see fresh opportunities, even though the Servants team will be coming to a close. 

Y, G, and the boys are back in Indonesia after a few months of furlough in the US. Pray especially for the boys as they transition back to life here - for good sleep and that the disruption to them would be as minimal as possible

Pray for the country as a whole, as the new president is implementing policies with considerable consequences. It is becoming common that people with a suspected connection to the drug trade are killed in the street and left there to signal that others should beware. So far many of those killed have been 'small fish', often poor people.

Pray for the V-team, as Rebecca and Jacqueline step into leadership, and as two new items (Nora & Michelle) settle in.
-Upcoming Events-

With God in the slums
Brisbane, Oct 22, 2016

Servants Forum
Manila, Jan 31--Feb 5, 2017
There are great things happening within our sister organizations. Check them out!

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