Dreams and Transitions
Dear friend,

I do hope you are well and safe during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. What a challenge the past year has been for us all! So many transitions for everyone- the way we get our work done; schooling; shopping- literally every aspect of how we live has been affected.

The work here at the Sanctuary has been adjusted too. And yet, the horses are always well cared for thanks to you and our many volunteers. Through the years we’ve had whatever help was needed; both the physical labor of volunteers and the much-needed donations that make our work possible. That fact has been one of my greatest comforts as I reflect on all the changes and challenges we’ve experienced in the more than four decades of rescuing and caring for wild horses.

When I personally prepared and submitted the federal application to create the Wild Horse Sanctuary-which in some ways seems like such a short time ago-my dream was that others would care about wild horses and help us provide a permanent home for them. At that time, there was no way to know if that dream would materialize. Yet, here I sit still writing to you as I have since 1979; reminiscing yes, but also looking to the future. My dream did become a reality when we secured 5,000 acres as a permanent home for the wild horses here in Shingletown.

Life always brings change. One of those changes being the limiting factor of age. Now, as I enter my 75th year of life (with more than 45 of them caring for our wild ones) I am ever more grateful for the many volunteers who have dedicated their time and talents in so many ways to take on the tasks that I am no longer able to perform. Many have asked me through the years what will happen when I’m “gone”. My reply has always been, “We have a capable board of directors that will carry-on!”

I have never been more grateful or proud of the Sanctuary’s board than I am at this moment! Our board has been “handed the reins” so to speak and is doing a spectacular job of caring for all the needs of the wild horses and the Sanctuary. I have the utmost confidence in their ability to make the important decisions needed to ensure a sustainable future for the nonprofit and the horses in our care.

So, one of the very important transitions here at the Sanctuary is that Elizabeth Palmer assumed the role of President of the Sanctuary’s Board of Directors. Elizabeth has been Vice President of the board for 21 years. Her dedication, skills and knowledge will continue to be a great asset to the Sanctuary. The five other members of our current board are passionate in their support of the Sanctuary and have served in many capacities throughout the years. Collectively, the current board has been supporting the Sanctuary for a combined total of 82 years!

My dream now is that the Sanctuary will always be here as a home for wild horses who have nowhere else to go. The Sanctuary is my home too, and I hope to share it with the horses and all who care for them for many years to come. I’m still very much involved by providing counsel and advice when needed and I am able to fill temporary “gaps” if necessary.

As I reflect on the past 40+ years, I am amazed at what we have accomplished for the wild horses and burros. I am also amazed by the caring helpers who made these accomplishments possible! A huge part of my dream and hopes has been realized. Now, as I entrust the care of the Sanctuary to our new President and the current Board of Directors, my hope is that you will continue your support as you have in the past. I have witnessed several generations of wild@horses enjoying their freedom and safety here- now there are new generations of supporters and directors to ensure the Sanctuary’s future for the generations that will follow. It is simply impossible for me to put the depth of my thoughts and feelings on paper. There are not words adequate to express how grateful I am for the part you played in the Sanctuary‘s incredible success story!

With all my heart, best wishes for your success as we face the future together.

Warmest regards,

Dianne Nelson

Meet the WHS Board of Directors
Elizabeth Palmer - President                            Jill Tobia - Vice President
        Kim Reid Marketing                                  Liz Juenke- Treasurer
Stephanie Asper - Public Relations                Carolyn Coates - Secretary

Ensuring we meet our mission to protect and preserve America's wild horses as a living national treasure, our volunteer board of directors are a group of talented and dedicated horsewomen.  Take moment to READ about the team working behind the scenes to ensure the continued success of the sanctuary.
 The Wild Horse Sanctuary
Newest Residents

Meet Turbo and Diesel. Aptly named,  they are two big 26 year old senior gelding mustangs that were rescued from the northern California Devil's Garden BLM holding corrals after being rounded up last fall. Being older gentlemen, the likelihood of them being adopted was low and so the Wild Horse Sanctuary stepped in. Diesel has taken on the role of family man, being the protector of a small group of mares and one foal. He takes that role very seriously and his stallion streak still lives on strong and proud. Turbo seems more of a confirmed bachelor,  keeping his options open. Both will be able to live out their remaining years wild and free at WHS. 

It's a boy and we named him King! One of the few babies we have had this spring due to our stepped up efforts in birth control with our mares, King still arrived in mid April and he and mother are doing great. We named him King because he seems to be a bit of a celebrity with his group of mares who all dote and watch over him. He has very quickly gained confidence and is having lots of fun exploring his new world with the great views of Mount Lassen.

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Take a docent-led walking tour of the Wild Horse Sanctuary and learn about our history and mission. Tours are about 45 minutes and are held 3 times a day on Saturdays at 11 am, 12:30 pm and 2 pm. Available on a first-come first-serve basis and are limited to 12 people. This is an outdoor event.  Visitor's center and restrooms open.

Why do we need Sponsors?
It would be wonderful if every burro or horse at the sanctuary was a candidate for adoption but in reality some animals are just not adoptable. Magio and Sayla were sisters born at the WHS 4 years ago  but their high energy made training and adoption too long of a road so the decision was made that they will remain at the sanctuary living wild and free.  Maggie Sue came to the sanctuary as a 15 year old with her baby Whisper. An old hoof injury prevents her from ever being ridden and so she will also live out her life on our 5,000 acre range. 

The horses and burros that live out their lives here depend upon the support of our wonderful sponsors to pay for food, supplements and basic medical. If you would like the make a difference in the life of a wild horse, please consider tax-deductible
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WHS Range Management
Range management is ongoing concern when you are a caretaker of 5,000 acres. High winter winds and Bark Beetle attacks on our pine trees regularly damage the fences that keep our horses safe.   Also brush and dead tree removal are important fire mitigation measures against the increasing instances of wild fires in our area.

Thank you to the group of volunteers who helped clear this brush field and shored up the fencing. Each spring they walk the miles of fences to inspect and make sure it is not only safe for our horses but also that is strong and secure so we can maintain our system of rotation so the land is not over-grazed.

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