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Newsletter January 2013
Sir Richard Rodney Bennett, one of Britain's most versatile and talented composers and performers, died peacefully on Christmas Eve in his adopted home city of New York, aged 76.

With a packed musical life spanning many  genres Sir Richard was a master of all he chose to write for. From the academic, the concert hall, film scores and the jazz standard his music was recognised and appreciated not only by the general listener but also by the afficionado!

From saxophonic point of view it was his forward looking and accepting persona that allowed him to embrace and champion the saxophone as a respected instrument in a classical context. Sir Richard will be greatly missed! 
CTRI Consortium Opportunity 
Dr. Jeffrey Vickers announces an open invitation to saxophonists worldwide to participate in a new consortium commission of composer David Kechley. Dr. Vickers has founded the Contemporary Tenor Repertoire Initiative, or CTRI, for the purpose of helping develop a new repertoire specifically for tenor saxophone. This commissioning project has already developed new works by Gotkovsky, Lemay, Gabriele, Michans, and Lennon, among others.
The piece by Kechley will be a new concert work for tenor saxophone and piano with a duration of 10-12 minutes. Participation is limited to 30 saxophonists. The subscription fee of $200 (US dollars) must be received by Vickers in order to assure participation. Subscribing members of the consortium will receive an autographed, numbered score and part. Delivery of scores will be made to the CTRI by November 1, 2013. Each member of the consortium is encourage to give a concurrent world-premiere, advertising as such, beginning no earlier than February 1, 2014. Consortium members retain exclusive performance rights to the piece for the duration of one year. 
Consortium members will be indicated in the scores and future publication for recognition of participation. Again, participation is limited. International payments may be made using Paypal. If interested, please contact Dr. Vickers to request a consortium contract which must accompany payment.

David Kechley (pictured above) is an American composer who has written several popular pieces for saxophone, including Rush for saxophone quartet  and Driveline, for saxophone and guitar. Excerpts can be heard and purchases of his music made at 

Sir Richard Memories
Very sad to hear that Sir Richard Rodney Bennett passed away on Christmas eve. I had the pleasure of meeting him a couple of times when my husband was performing his sax concerto for his 70th birthday concert at the QEH, he was such a lovely man.... a true gentlemen.

We spent an afternoon at his apartment in New York and I had a good chat with him about his writing for harp, including his trio for flute, viola and harp, "Sonata after Syrinx" (great piece) and he showed me his brilliant harp box tool which he always used when he was composing for keeping track of what key the harp was in as he was writing for it.

I've been making his little harp boxes and giving them to composers ever since as they are a brilliant aid for writing for harp.

I made a slight change to his design as with his, rather than have the pedals with flats at the top and sharps at the bottom he had his in reverse. When I pointed out to him that his diagram was the wrong way round to how the pedal box was on the harp, he replied, "my dear, I have them the logical way round, it's you harpists who think the wrong way round."
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