2016 Middle Way Farm Fall Share #1
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Fall Share #1 - October 30, 2016

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What's in the Share

Broccoli - 1 lb. 
Carrots - 1 bunch 
Garlic -
1 bulb
Green Peppers - a few 
Leeks - 3 med.-large stalks
Napa Cabbage - 1-2 heads
Red Cherry Radishes - 1 bunch
Red Kuri Winter Squash (certified organic from Rolling Acres in Murray, Iowa) - one ~3.25 lb. squash
Romanesco Cauliflower - 1-2 small-med. size heads
Salad Mix - 6 oz. bag
Cooking Spinach - 1 lb. bag
Sweet Potato - 2-3 lb. 
Clockwise from top left - romanesco cauliflower, red kuri winter squash, leeks, and Napa cabbage

The not quite fall share

Aside from a few light frosts the past few weeks, it has been an unusually mild and sustained fall. We have had mild night time temperatures (very few under 40) and only a few colder days with temperatures dipping below 50 in the daytime, and these have been quickly followed by warm ups. The result is that produce in the field has continued to grow and remain in good condition such that it appears to about a month earlier than I would expect. The majority of this fall share comes directly out of the field. I am hopeful that the upcoming Thanksgiving share will also feature a good portion of field produce, as well as some more storage crops that I am holding back for the later fall shares. 

It was getting very dry until we got a much needed rain on Tuesday, which soaked in very nicely to the soil and loosened up the ground to allow for preparation for garlic planting. I have only managed to plant one bed of garlic so far, with 14 more to go. Although I am a little late with planting, this mild fall means to me that in terms of climate conditions I am not late at all. For example, I measured soil temperature yesterday and it was over 60 degrees. The rule of thumb is that garlic should be planted when the soil temperature hits 60 degrees, which historically would be earlier in October.  In the video below, I describe the process of planting garlic in a little more detail. 

Storage Tips

Broccoli, Cauliflower, Leeks, Napa Cabbage - Store in sealed plastic bags in fridge. Use within 1-2 weeks. 

Carrots - Remove the tops (can be used like parsley or discarded) and store roots separately in sealed plastic bag in fridge. Will keep in good condition for well over a month. 

Radishes - Remove the tops (can be used as a cooking green or discarded) and store roots separately in sealed plastic bag in fridge. Will keep well for 2-3 weeks.  

Salad Mix, Spinach - Store in sealed plastic bags in the fridge for 7-10 days. They are double washed, so do not need to be washed again before consuming. If washed again, spin dry before storing. 

Garlic, Red Kuri Winter Squash, Sweet Potato - Keep in a visible place with good air circulation at room temperature above 55 degrees. Check for soft spots developing on winter squash and use immediately if they start to develop. All will keep in good condition for well over a month. Do not refrigerate uncooked sweet potatoes, it will damage flavor and storage ability. Refrigerated garlic will tend to sprout. 

Photo of the Week

First bed of garlic planted for the 2017 season. Each bed contains around 600 cloves of garlic. After planting beds will be mulched with 4-6 inches of straw before winter. 

Pick-up Info

Please bring your own bags so that you can take your produce and leave your box at the pick-up site!

On-Farm Pick-up (3633 Hwy 146, Grinnell) - 3-6 pm, Wednesday
Even if you had home delivery or farmers market pick-up during the summer share, all Grinnell pick-ups for fall share will be at the farm. More details will be in reminder e-mail night before pick-up. 

Ally & Brian's home (next to Aurora Park, Newton) - 3 - 6 pm, Wednesday
Shares will be inside side door next to garage like the summer share.  

MCC Agriculture Building (Marshalltown) - 3-6pm, Tuesday

Farm to Folk (First Methodist Church, Ames) - 4:30 - 6 pm, Tuesday

What to do with Your Share

Spinach in the share is full size (not baby, salad size) so its best cooked. Just a quick blanch in boiling water or saute until the leaves soften and the green color brightens. Dull, mushy spinach is overcooked! Stem removal prior to cooking is optional. After cooking, drain the spinach, transfer to large cutting board, and slice into smaller pieces with a sharp knife. 

Romanesco cauliflower can used just like "regular" cauliflower even though it looks like Dr. Seuss creation.  Try it steamed, blanched, or roasted. 

My favorite Napa cabbage recipe - Million Dollar Salad. Also great sauted - cooks faster than round heads co cabbage. 

Leeks are cooler than onions!

Red Kuri winter squash - you can eat the skin!

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