Hello and happy holidays!
These past few weeks have been absolutely bonkers in the best possible way. Santa's elves (aka me and my family) have been hard at work shipping out copies of Atomic Design

The initial delivery involved packing up and shipping 914 books to people in over 75 countries. In 2 days. We were not expecting that.

But all that hard work has paid off! I've been absolutely loving seeing people receive their copies of Atomic Design

If you've received your copy, feel free to tag me on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or LinkedIn. It will seriously make my freaking year.

What's Next for Atomic Design?

This book has been a journey two years in the making. But there's still more I'd like to do with it.

In the new year I'll be writing more about the process of bringing this book to life. From the beginning, it's been my goal to share as much of this process as possible so that other people could make their own books. Because, holy cow, I'm really happy with how the whole process went.

I'd love to make an audio version of the book, as well as play around with distributing the book via other channels (like Amazon or maybe even physical book stores. Who knows!). I'll likely tackle these things in the new year. 

I'm also continuing to offer workshops and consulting on all the book's content at companies and workshops. If you'd like to set up a workshop or hire me to help your team establish a more collaborative, pattern-driven workflow, feel free to get in touch

Giving More Deliberately 

It's always been my goal to put the profits from the book to good use. Because I'm self-publishing everything, I didn't really have a good idea of all the costs associated with this whole deal. But after a bit of work, now I do!

I finally sat down and plotted out all the causes we'd like to give to, and started making it happen. I wrote about how I'm thinking about all this on my blog.

So to everyone who has supported this book, know that the proceeds to the book are going to worthwhile causes. I'm excited to funnel passion for design systems and web design into passion for causes that are doing a lot of good in the world.

Thank you

So that's it for me! If you haven't gotten your copy of Atomic Design yet, It's available in three flavors over at the shop:

  1. Paperback for $20
  2. Ebook for $10
  3. Paperback + Ebook for $25

I'm extremely grateful for everyone who has supported me and this project. Thank you so incredibly much. Wishing you peace, happiness, prosperity, and modular UI design thinking now and in the new year.

Happy holidays! 

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