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FOUR Years with Inside Out!

When JR won the TEDPrize in March of 2011, the Inside Out Project was created with the expectation of lasting only one year. Here we are four years later, and we have you to thank! We appreciate all of those that have participated and supported us over the years. We are lucky to have come this far, and are excited to see what else is to come. 


Most Recent Group Actions 

Ayerbe, Spain

This group action was done in the fall of last year by a group that gathered to portray a picture of mental disorders and to fight against the prejudices around them. As the group action leader stated, "Nowadays mental diseases are a very common fact that in many cases change daily lives of patients, their caretakers and their relatives. We took 33 pictures of these invisible people who suffer from the illnesses and their social stigmas." 

Cartagena, Colombia 

Sometimes we do not receive wild images from an action until months or years later, like this one from Cartagena in 2013. The statement for this action was: "We aspire to celebrate a series of identities that offer a unique perspective through which the community can see themselves reflected". 

Saint Marc, Haiti 
Three teachers created this action in Saint-Marc, Haiti last January. Their aims were many, the most poignant being to raise awareness of the need to educate girls in Haiti and to value the native language of Haitian Creole. 
While pasting the portraits on the school, dialogues and interactions were created with gardeners, cooks, security guards, and teachers. They brought them supplies, asked to make more posters and create new actions in the community. One small act can go a long way, and every little bit helps. 

Providence, Rhode Island, USA 
This action has another great story of starting interactions with their community. Two young college students wanted to create a project that would bring together the students of their university with the locals in the Smith Hill neighborhood of Providence, Rhode Island. 

Their statement was in the form a poem - 
We are not separate communities living in one space;
We are a group of individuals that form a diverse community;
We live on different streets;
We come from different places;
But, together, we are Smith Hill.

While pasting, passersby gave honks of encouragement and yells of discouragement. A police man came by to inquire of the legality of the pasting, and ended up helping. While at first scared and overwhelmed by the varying responses, the girls realized the impact of their action, even in the mere first hours it took to paste them on the wall. You never know how the installation will affect your community, but if you are open you may be surprised! 

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