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Thank you for participating in the 2020 November ETW!

Last week, from 20-27 of November 2020, 645 organisations signed up to participate in the Autumn #EuroTestWeek 2020 and carried out activities all throughout Europe. The European Testing Week Working Group and Secretariat would like to sincerely thank all participants, endorsers and sponsors who helped to create a united effort to raise awareness of the importance of testing for HIV, viral hepatitis and sexually transmitted infections.
Thank you also for sharing all your amazing work with us through Facebook and Twitter which shows how your efforts really make an impact across Europe. We hope to see you again for Spring #EuroTestWeek 2021!

Evaluation survey of European Testing Week

As with every year, after the conclusion of ETW, we kindly ask that you complete a very brief online post-ETW survey to provide feedback and evaluate the initiative.  We welcome all of you (including those who didn’t participate in the November ETW 2020) to complete our survey. The results will be presented in a report and help to plan for the Spring 2021 ETW.
Please help us by completing our brief survey here, or through the following link:
The deadline to complete the survey and submit testing data is 23 January 2021.
If you have any questions, please feel free to email the ETW secretariat at

European Testing Week webinars and testimonial videos

Did you miss our live webinars last week? No need to despair! Video recordings of all three webinars will soon be available online.
The webinar series focused on challenges and opportunities for testing during the COVID-19 pandemic, with case examples from different countries within the WHO European Region. The series included the following webinars:
  1. “Testing vulnerable populations in COVID-19 restricted contexted”, organized by Terence Higgins Trust and HIV Prevention England, in partnership with ETW. Presentations were given by Dr Binta Sultan and Dr Al Story from University College London Hospitals (UK), Jorge Garrido from Apoyo Positivo (Spain), Manuel Reiriz from Adhara Sevilla (Spain), Dr Gillean Dean from Brighton and Sussex NHS Trust (UK) and Marek Coskry from Terrence Higgins Trust.
  2. “Integrating testing for HIV and/or viral hepatitis and COVID-19”, with presentations from Jonas Demant from Users’ Academy (Denmark) and Elisabetta Teti from Villa Maraini Foundation (Italy).
  3. “HIV self-testing – opportunities and challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic”, with presentations from Tamar Zurashvili from Georgian Harm Reduction Network and Momchil Baev from Single Step Foundation (Bulgaria).
Also check out the video testimonials about how different organizations have adapted their testing services during the COVID-19 pandemic to ensure continued access and uptake of testing.


Tom Doyle, CEO of the UK-based NGO “Yorkshire MESMAC”, explains how the organization were able to continue  face-to-face HIV testing despite of COVID-19 restrictions.
Rachel Halford, CEO of Hepatitis C Trust, presenting how their services, including outreach to prisons and people experiencing homelessness, have been affected by #COVID19 and how they have adapted their testing strategies.
Kateryna Kovalchuk, manager of social projects at Alliance for Public Health in Ukraine, explains how HIV self-test boxes have been offered to MSM and PWUD and increased their access and uptake of HIV testing during the pandemic.
You can access the pre-recorded videos and the recordings of the webinars on our website, Facebook page, Twitter and YouTube
Launch of the first International Testing Week
On November 23 to 29, Coalition Plus and its member and partner associations launched International Testing Week for the first time. Watch their promotional video here, and a testimonial video here where activists share their experiences with community-based testing. For more information about International Testing Week, please visit
Survey on impact of COVID-19 on testing services
EuroTEST, in collaboration with a range of partners, has implemented a survey on the impact of COVID-19 on testing services for HIV, viral hepatitis and STIs in the WHO European Region. The preliminary results of the survey have just been published as a rapid communication in Eurosurveillance.
Read the article here: 
and read more the about survey and consortium of partners here:
HIV/AIDS Surveillance in Europe 2020 report is out now
Since 2008, ECDC and the WHO Regional Office for Europe (WHO/Europe) have coordinated enhanced HIV/AIDS surveillance in Europe with the purpose of covering all 53 countries in the European region. The 2020 annual HIV/AIDS surveillance report from ECDC and WHO Regional Office for Europe can be found here.

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