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November 2021

Dear EuroSIDA Study Investigators,

We hope you are all well. Despite the challenges that the COVID-19 pandemic presented, EuroSIDA activities continued to progress in 2021.
As 2021 comes to an end, we would like to thank all of you for your tremendous support and contributions to the EuroSIDA study.
We wish you an enjoyable holiday season and look forward to continued collaboration in 2022.

Study updates


Dataset 49: 1 December 2021

The collection of DS49 opened October 1 and will continue until December 1. Please remember to also complete RESPOND event forms and CoDe forms.

Please also remember the COVID-19 form and the two Cabotegravir forms in this dataset submission. They will open for data submission outside the October-December data collection period, like the CoDe and Event form.

Cohort 11

As of November 2021, approximately 1400 participants have been enrolled and the cohort remains open for enrolment until May 1, 2022. Thank you immensely to all sites contributing to the cohort.

COVID-19 Form

The COVID-19 form was introduced with the dataset 48 collection in REDCap for participants who had a positive PCR test and have been admitted to hospital for treatment of COVID-19. The form should also be completed with DS49. The form includes information on symptoms, comorbidities, clinical and laboratory data and treatment. For each form completed, 50 Euro will be reimbursed.

You can read more about the form in the COVID-19 eCRF Manual of Operations here.


EuroSIDA remains a major stakeholder in RESPOND, as a founder and partner and being both the largest contributing cohort in RESPOND and having seats at the executive committee and scientific steering committee. EuroSIDA is already represented in eight RESPOND publications and another 15 projects are underway.

New Sub-studies


The EuroSIDA Steering Committee has approved two new five year-long cohort studies, nested within the EuroSIDA study. The two studies are related and look at EuroSIDA participants who receive treatment with injectable long-acting (LA) cabotegravir (CAB) and/or long-acting rilpivirine (RPV).

  1. “Drug Utilization, Adherence, Effectiveness and Resistance: A Prospective Observational Cohort Study in People living with HIV (PLWH) initiating ARV regimen CAB+RPV LA in Collaboration with EuroSIDA” (Cabotegravir Utilization Study)
  2. “A prospective observational cohort study to monitor for hepatotoxicity and regimen discontinuation due to liver related adverse events among People with HIV, Initiating Cabotegravir + Rilpivirine regimens” (Cabotegravir Hepatotoxicity Study)

Data will be collected on two separate REDCap forms, “EuroSIDA Event Form for use of long-acting cabotegravir or rilpivirine” and “EuroSIDA hepatotoxicity event form”. Both forms will be reimbursed. Data collection in both studies began with the collection of D49 (Autumn 2021).

Read more here.


The protocol and supporting documentation for Ethics Committee submission was provided to all 25 participating EuroSIDA sites in July and we expect enrolment will begin in early 2022. Please find information about MISTRAL here:

Publications and Presentations

EuroSIDA Reaches 300 Publications

As of October 2021, the EuroSIDA study group has issued 316 publications, 5 of which were published in 2021. This is an extremely impressive milestone and we want to thank you for your invaluable contributions to the EuroSIDA study and global community of people living with HIV. All EuroSIDA publications can be found here:

EuroSIDA Presentations at the European AIDS Conference (EACS), October 2021

We are pleased and proud that six abstracts were accepted for poster presentation at the EACS conference.  Thank you all for your contributions.  A list of all presentations can be found here.
Unfortunately, the nature of the pandemic meant that it was still not possible to host our usual annual EuroSIDA investigator meeting at the conference. We miss seeing many of you at the conference and exchanging stories and information F2F. However, we plan to see a record many of you next year in Glasgow!


Protocol v4.0 Ethics Committee Approvals

EuroSIDA protocol v4.0 was approved on 5 July 2019. For the Centres that have received Ethics Committee approval, the EuroSIDA Coordinating Centre will be contacting you in 2021 to ensure all approvals are included in our regulatory files. We thank you in advance for providing these approval documents and ensuring EuroSIDA study files are current.  

Research Project Proposal Submissions

The EuroSIDA Steering Committee encourages the submission of concepts for new research projects.  Once submitted, research concepts will be evaluated based on scientific relevance, design and feasibility, statistical power and feasibility and overlap with current approved projects.  Upon completion of the review, feedback from the EuroSIDA Steering Committee will be provided to proposers.  All members of the evaluation panel are bound by confidentiality.  If you are interested in submitting a research concept, the proposal template and corresponding information about the submission process can be found here:

Study Group Updates

We would like to keep the EuroSIDA study group list current.  Please review the names and affiliations in the study group ( and inform the Coordinating Centre of any changes.

Change in Centre Staff

Please remember to update the EuroSIDA Coordinating Centre if there are staff changes at your Centre.  This allows all correspondence (newsletters, etc.) to be sent to the right contact person. 
It also allows the EuroSIDA Coordinating Centre to maintain the study group and correctly award co-authorship. 
Furthermore, if staff no longer work at your Centre or new staff members join your team, we will remove or assign REDCap access accordingly.

Plasma Sample Request

One plasma sample per participant per year is requested and reimbursed in the EuroSIDA study.  Sample shipment instructions can be referenced here,

Study documents

All EuroSIDA study documents can be found here,

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