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Spring ETW newsletter 14 May 2010

The 2021 Spring #EuroTestWeek starts today!
More than 600 organisations are signed up to participate in the European Testing Week. On behalf of the European Testing Week Working Group and secretariat, we want to wish all of you a successful week highlighting the importance of early and integrated testing for HIV and viral hepatitis.

Share your activities and connect with us on social media

We encourage you to share your ETW activities on your social media platforms. Don’t forget to tag us so we can share your posts within the ETW network and display all the activities that are going on across Europe throughout the week.

Please use the hashtags  #EuroTestWeek and #TestTreatPrevent.
You can also tag our social media accounts on Twitter using @EuroTestWeek or typing @European Testing Week on Facebook.

Download our Spring ETW materials

A number of materials have been developed for Spring ETW to help you promote awareness of the campaign:

  • The Spring ETW logo is available in several different languages here.
  • To help make more people aware of European Testing Week, a selection of web banner adverts can be downloaded here for use on your website.
  • Toolkits, fact sheets and key messages are available to help you plan and implement your ETW activities
  • Flyers and posters can be downloaded to help promote #EuroTestWeek and its main messages.


We want to hear about your experiences with providing testing services during the COVID-19 pandemic!

  • We want to share information in the ETW network and to encourage innovation.
  • How have your testing services been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic? How have you overcome these challenges to ensure continued access to testing?
  • Are you providing testing for both HIV, viral hepatitis, TB and or STIs in combination with COVID-testing? Tell us how you’re doing it. 
  • Have you started offering self-testing or self-sampling during COVID-19? 

If you will allow us to promote your organization’s story during Testing Week, please do one of the following things:


  • Contact the ETW secretariat by email
  • Record a small video clip on your mobile phone or another device, share it on your social media platforms and send us the link to it, so we can share it on the ETW platforms.

Learn about testing experiences across Europe from the HepHIV conference

Last week, the bi-annual HepHIV conference highlighted some very interesting examples of testing in different settings and with different key populations. If you were registered for the conference, you can access them on the conference platform (HepHIV – HepHIV Conference ( under “videos on demand”. The presentations will also become available for everyone to watch on EuroTEST’s webpage shortly.

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If you no longer want to participate in ETW (both Spring and Autumn), please click the "Opt-out" link below and follow further instructions.

By choosing to "Opt-out" of European Testing Week, your organisation will:
- Be removed from our list of signed-up organisations;
- No longer receive the ETW newsletter, announcements or promotional offers with diagnostic kit companies.

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