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Filippino Lippi, Pala Nerli, Chiesa di Santo Spirito, Firenze

Sponsor wanted!
The so called "Art-Bonus", a number of actions devoted  to improve public managing of cultural heritage in Italy, has been recently approved. Several relevant issues are covered, from simplification of procedures to the much awaited interventions at the Pompei archaeological site. However, the very first topic listed, which gives the heading to the entire document, is a specific act to encourage private sponsorship to conservation and restoration of cultural heritage. It includes a substantial tax reduction, up to 65%, to those who will financially contribute to the safeguarding of public heritage, be this linked to museums, archaeological sites, archives and libraries, as well as cultural foundations. A win-win situation for those who want to profit from the visibility guaranteed by world class art, and  for the Italian public administration, currently lacking monetary resources. Hopefully it will be fruitful, as it is, since decades, in many other countries worldwide.
All details are to be found on the official website:

War on fakes! Scientific research teams up with the police against counterfeiting in art
Prof. Luigi Nicolais, president of the Italian National Council of Research signed an agreement with General Mariano Mossa, Commander in Chief of the section of the Carabinieri devoted to the Cultural Heritage Protection. The intent declaration will be in force for the next 3 years and foresees the adoption of some newly developed methods to recognize and stop counterfeiting and art faking and forging.
Read more on the CNR web site:
A database of diagnostic data, Xrays, IR reflectographies, techniques and materials concerning 100 paintings from the Pinacoteca Nazionale of Siena.
Art-Test started just recently working in Siena, on this extensive database, after winning the public competition published by Sovrintendenza of Siena and Grosseto. The project includes the analyses of a selection of masterpieces, both currently exposed and in the deposits, some of which never tested before. The outcome will provide a reliable and scientific way of comparing materials and techniques employed by the different painters, schools and periods. An indispensable tool for those studying works of art of such period and/or by the same authors. A great help for authentication and attributions purposes.  It is the first time that such an ambitious project in this field sees the collaboration of public and private institutions.
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Art Diagnostics as far as Azerbaijan
The association YOuth in COnservation of Cultural heritage (YOCOCU) was born 6 years ago, to favour contacts and build a concrete network of young professionals in art conservation, covering a wide range of expertises.
The first three conferences were held between Italy and Belgium (Roma 2008, Palermo 2010 e Antwerp 2012), however for this year edition, the selected hosting city was Agsu in Azerbaijan, with the clear intention to, also in this field, bridge Russian speaking countries and all the Middle East with Europe.
A well praised event, as conferences and workshop are an indispensable means to establish concrete relationships and share work experiences. Especially in a truly multidisciplinary environment such as that of art conservation and preservation where chemistry, physics, biology, restoration studies intermingle.
F. Alberghina L.Damiani, S. Schiavone together with Art-Test and S.T.Art-Test took part to the workshop with the paper “How many layers of what? An integrated non-invasive approach for the understanding of painting’s stratigraphy” in the “Pigments and Paintings” section.
To know more about YOCOCU:

Also in Tuscany best opportunities for art sponsors!
Tuscany recently announced a new Regional Law that foresees a discount on the IRAP tax for those who donate at least 1000 euro to public, culturally relevant, no-profit associations. A wide range of activities spanning from painting restorations to promoting exhibition or researches, are eligible. Many interesting opportunities, should you be so lucky to live and pay taxes in Tuscany.  More details in
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