What a rich autumn!
Filippino Lippi, Pala Nerli, Chiesa di Santo Spirito, Firenze

The Restoration Fair in Florence is back: Save the date!!

From the 13th to the 15th of November, Florence hosts the important Italian restoration biannual fair dedicated to paintings. Three days for the most important Italian and non-Italian realities in the field to meet, share and debate experience and achievements. How to combine art, technology and knowledge will be the central topic for this fourth edition.
     This year the event is under has the patronage to the International EXPO 2015, and will host also the assembly of the about 1500 delegates of ICOMOS, the International Council on Monuments and Sites, with his triennial workshop on “Heritage and Landscapes as Humans Values”.
     Art-Test invites you to participate Saturday 15th November, h.16:30, to the official presentation of "UNDER THE GOLD - A database of images and scientific data of 100 paintings of the Pinacoteca Nazionale of Siena". A way to know in depth the way of drawing and painting of about 65 artists (among others: very famous artists Duccio, Lorenzetti, Memmi, but also less known ones like Benedetto di Bindo and Niccolò di Bonaccorso active in Siena between the XIII and XVI centuries)
    Speakers will be Dr Mario Scalini Sovrintendent BSAE for Siena and Grosseto e Dr Ing Anna Pelagotti, for Art-Test Firenze.
We would love to meet and welcome you anytime during the 3 days at our stand, n.30. Please let us know that you are coming and we will provide you with complimentary entrance tickets.
     More details on the Salone del Restauro web site:


Art-Test in the land of the rising sun!

"Geijutsu Schincho" is a well-known Japanese magazine, dealing with art, history, photography and design. The last special issue was devoted to the exhibition "Art in Florence, from Botticelli to Bronzino, towards a modern style" at the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, 11th October- 14th December2014. This important exhibition aims at illustrating the evolution of the Florentine way of painting between the XV and the XVI centuries, and the importance the Medici family had in this context, together with the other collectors and patrons.
     It is the first time that such a large collection (about 80 artworks) moves to Japan. Names like Andrea del Sarto, Jacopo Pontormo, Rosso Fiorentino, Agnolo Bronzino and Sandro Botticelli, are in the list. The magazine dedicates a large section also to cultural and historical places at large in Florence, including the Santa Felicita church, the Istituto degli Innocenti, Galleria Palatina and so forth. However, the star remains the Galleria degli Uffizi, with an exclusive interview to the Director, Antonio Natali.
     A large section is devoted to the Bacco painting by Caravaggio (1596-97), focusing on the recent discovery, made by Art-Test together with Dr. Roberta Lapucci, of the lost tiny self portrait in it. Once visible, but forgotten, it had been covered by layers of oxidized varnishes, and was not to be seen with the naked eye. It appeared clearly only in the mulspectral IR reflectography images acquired during the diagnostic campaign assigned to Art-Test in the framework of a larger study on several paintings by  Caravaggio. 
     To know more about the exhibition:

Ars Narrandi in Europe’s Gothic Age, Siena and Art-Test at the BOZAR in Bruxelles

More than 800 people took part to the inauguration of the exhibition “Painting from Siena: Ars Narrandi in Europe’s Gothic Age”, last September 9th at the Palais de Beaux-Arts (BOZAR) in Brussels.
     Also the President of the European Commission, Jose' Manuel Barroso, joined the event, (and in his speech mentioned his love for Siena), together with the Italian Minister for Environment, Galletti, the Italian Ambassador in Belgium, Bastinelli, and the host, the BOZAR director Dujardin, welcoming the exposition and its curators: the Superintendent of Siena and Grosseto, Scalini, and the director of the Sienese Pinacoteca, Guiducci.
     Art-Test produced a slide presentation describing some of the results of the analyses on about 50 of the paintings currently on show, which is not displayed within the exhibition. We are happy to hear that is was well received both by the public and the scholars.
     The next 18th January a symposium, co-organized by BOZAR and UCL, on “Byzantium and the Flemish Art, Contact and Influence” will be held on the occasion of the exhibition. Both dr. Scalini, for MIUR, and dr. ing. Anna Pelagotti, for Art-Test will give a talk, focusing on the findings possible with the information available within the database. 

     To know more about Bozar:
The Superintender Scalini and the President of the European Commission at the opening.


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