Plenty of opportutunities for art lovers in the coming festive season!

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We are pleased to invite you to the conference "DIAGNOSTIC AND RESTORATION OF CONTEMPORARY ARTWORKS. WHICH MEANS TO USE?" Organized by Art – Test Firenze in collaboration with the Institute for Art and Restoration Palazzo Spinelli.
At CONTEMPORANEAMENTE 2014, a project that combines art, design, craft and contemporary culture, produced by Associazione Via Maggio (and already at the fourth edition), a meeting will be held to explore the importance of scientific analyzes for restoration and for authentication, in particular of the contemporary artworks .
The event will be coordinated by Emanuela Massa, restorer, diagnostician and co-founder of Art-Test Firenze who will introduce the currently available scientific methods, invasive and noninvasive. Several case studies will be discussed, resolved and not, and the need for a multidisciplinary approach will be illustrated.
The specific issues regarding restoration matters will be presented by the restorer of Angela Matteuzzi, of Atelier Restauri, Florence .
It will therefore be an ideal opportunity for those interested in the themes of restoration and authentication in contemporary art !
Among the cases presented there will be the example of the painting acquired by Peggy Guggenheim in the seventies as the work of Fernand Léger and of which the authenticity, critics, historians and art experts have debated for nearly forty years; the investigations with the technique of C14 were decisive. It has been established beyond doubt that it is a fake made ​​in 1959, i.e. four years after the death of the painter (two links on the news :
We have reached similar conclusion for a painting presented as Udalsova, which presented the use of pigments that are not compatible .
A case waiting for final confirmation will be also presented: a presumed Modigliani on which Art-Test Firenze in collaboration with S.T.Art -Test presented a study last May in The Hague, for the occasion of the 2014 Congress of the Foundation for Art Authentication (AIA Foundation) .
(see :
Scientifically “Nihil Obstat” for it to be a Modigliani. To who the last word ?
Please join us lunedì 15 dicembre h.16 at the Istituto per l’Arte e il Restauro, Palazzo Ridolfi, via Maggio 13, Firenze.


Happy Holidays from Art-Test !
Here is the adoration of the Shepherds by Andrea di Niccolò (1470-1480), from the Conservatory of Santa Maria Maddalena in Siena and now in the Pinacoteca Nazionale. We have selected it to illustrate not only the nativity, but also our love for art and our satisfaction for discoveries which are possible through our research.
The results of scientific analyzes tell us much about the paintings :they speak, for example, of their genesis, the style and of the choices of the artist. Seeing part of the creative process allows us to ask ourselves  the right questions on who, why and when. The answers are never trivial and to learn more we don’t have much choice but to keep studying! A pleasure that we share with you .
This artwork is in fact part of "Under the gold", the database of diagnostic images of a hundred paintings from the Pinacoteca of Siena that Art-Test Firenze has recently developed, in collaboration with the Superintendence of Siena and Grosseto. The database can be yours: here you will find more information (
Art-Test Firenze wishes everyone Merry Christmas and a New Year full of exciting discoveries!
We thank you for the interest with which you have followed us throughout 2014!
Our offices will be closed from December 23 to January 6 . For any urgent communication please contact us by e-mail to


Trans.Susanna Ceccarelli

Back to learning, art and science

On the 12th and 13th December is the first National event dedicated to the interaction between art and science, a two-day of studies and insights about the relationship between art, science and culture .
S.T.Art-Test , the diagnostic services company with which Art-Test Firenze collaborates, participate in the initiative, taking place at the Archaeological Museum of Himera (Termini Himerese, PA).
The event, organized by AiAR , also involves researchers from the Universities, CNR, ENEA, INFN and other research institutions that illustrate the application of scientific technologies to the works hosted  in various venues that hold the initiative, including museums, palaces, Archaeological Parks, and that will be connected by a streaming conference with the theme " Archaeometri
c applications for Cultural Heritage" .
(For info :

Coming soon…
 Art-Test Firenze and S.T.Art-Test are organizing other learning opportunities and seminars themed "art and science" : we will talk about the history of diagnostics, the application of classical scientific techniques and of forefront methodologies to cultural heritage, with the many case studies that our nearly ten-year activity in the field allows us.
We will soon let you know locations and dates, hoping to meet again your interest!


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