Farmer Dave on porkers & BIG RED Christmas Hams.

Farmer Dave Says:

This month we prepare the Christmas hams. The Farm House "Big Red" ham is a bit special, and here's why.
Firstly, the Big Red maternal line is Tamworth, an ancient English breed that takes its name from the county of its origin. Selected over generations not for just its good looks and even temperament but more important, good meat flavour.

Secondly, we produce a smaller pig than the industry norm. Ours are referred to as porkers and they are nearly half the size of industry standard porkers. It means our leg hams are quite a handy size at around 5kg.
Over the next month we will soak the legs in a homemade brine which includes Fewster's honey and a herbal infusion. Once the cure is evenly distributed through the meat, the legs will be drained and ready for the smoker.

Earlier in the year I went to Kirup and stocked up on Cherry tree blocks from an orchard that was past its productive life. Nigel turns the blocks on his lathe to produce shavings and we're ready to smoke the hams.
It's a labour of love and the end result is a ham rarely seen today and one that will bring something special to your Christmas table.
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