Hello Tennyson parents - Are you already tired of making lunches?  
Do you miss the wonderful Munchalunch reminder emails?

The first Hot Lunch ordering session of the year is open now!

Ordering Info
Ordering open: Friday, Oct 10 - Sunday, Oct 19
We are all busy volunteers - please respect the ordering deadline.
Your credit (from last year's Sports Day lunch) will automatically be applied to your total (unless you already ordered Noon Hour Programs).

Includes October 27 (first lunch) - January 28 lunches. 
Yes, it is a long lunch period but changes can be made if needed (with a week's notice) by contacting the lunch administrator
The MunchaLunch link can be found at www.lordtennyson.ca (bottom-left). If you are new to the school, you will need to create an account first. Once you hit "submit my order", your order has been submitted even if you do not pay immediately. If you need to make changes, email hotlunches@lordtennyson.ca.

This ordering session covers 12 Pizza Days,10 Sushi Days, 3 Bonus Friday lunches, 1 Pumpkin Patch, and 1 Entertainment App … if you don't gasp at your total, you may have missed some days. Of course, the system allows complete flexibility (order everything, nothing, or any amount in between). Be sure to read the Menu 1 & Menu 2 info provided below to avoid hungry children with no lunches!
Only pre-ordered lunches will be provided - there will be no "day of" sales.

Kindergarten parents (and anyone else) - lunches can be added in late so please feel free to wait and see what your child thinks as the lunches start and then email the lunch coordinator if you would like to create an order. We will reopen lunch ordering after the first week or two so that new orders can be placed. Changes can also be made to orders (with a weeks notice).

Pizza Wednesdays
Panago pizza will be offered on Wednesdays (cheese or pepperoni slice).  
Drink options include milk (regular or chocolate) and juice (apple or fruit blend).
The treat option is TCBY frozen yogurt (nutrition info here).

Sushi Mondays
Sushi will continue to be provided by Sushi Aoki (located at Broadway and Cypress).
Sushi options include California roll, cucumber roll, avocado roll, salmon roll, tuna roll, edamame, and chicken teriyaki.
Sushi Mondays are ZERO WASTE - no drinks or treats are on the menu - please send a water bottle for your child.
They can put their water bottle in the division bin after eating and it will be returned to the classroom.

Bonus Calhoun's Fridays
There is 1 Friday lunch each month where menu items are supplied by Calhoun's. The Fridays are the second to last Friday of the month (to avoid the Gr 6/7 Friday lunches out). Calhoun's has now gone Zero Waste with reusable containers and offers their lunches in two sizes (small and large).

The options all meet the new food guidelines.
Volunteers are needed on all lunch days! It is a great way to connect with students and meet other parents (and see your child at lunch).
Time commitment is 11:30am - 12:30pm on the lunch day and there is no need to commit to every week.
Please contact Toni Botham if you would like to volunteer (or sign up when you place your order).

Pumpkin Patch, Tues, Oct 21
If you pre-order (and pay for) your pumpkin, students don't need to bring cash to the Tennyson Pumpkin Patch.

Entertainment Book App
Quebec 2016 is not sending home the Entertainment Books this year but they are offering the option of purchasing an Entertainment Book App for $20 ... the coupons are then available using the app on your smart phone (sorry, it does not work on a Blackberry). Most coupons from previous years are available with the exception of the Safeway and IGA coupons. More info will come home next week. You can add the app to your lunch order and you will be emailed an activation code in early November (the email will come to the address that you use for Munchalunch). The coupons are good for one year from when you activate your membership and you will always have them with you on your phone! No more "oh shoot, I forgot my book".

Menu 1 & Menu 2: What does it mean?
Both Sushi Monday and Pizza Wednesday are set up as Menu 1 & Menu 2.  They cover alternating weeks (to save time when ordering but still allow flexibility with the options).
Order from BOTH Menus (1 & 2) if you want lunches every week!  If you only order from Pizza Menu 1, your child will get pizza every second week.
Want lunches only once or twice a month?  Planning a family vacation? You can easily remove any days at the END of ordering (keep going until the end!).

**** If you do not receive a Munchalunch reminder email, your child will not have a lunch provided. **** Please send one!
We can only provide what was actually ordered (not what you hoped to or intended to order) … we are good, but not THAT good!
You can log in to Munchalunch anytime to check your orders. Use the My Account - View My Orders tab.
Your questions will always be cheerfully answered (well, almost always - it is not a real job after all) … email HotLunches@lordtennyson.ca

Proceeds from lunches go towards sending next year's Gr 7 students to Quebec, the Quebec Futures Fund, and PAC.
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