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Volume 6 Issue 9 - 29 July 2015

Technical Update,
NMI Creation Multi-Tenancy Dwellings
& ACS Metering Charges

Technical Update
Proper identification in Multiple Installations

A common defect found by Energex which can delay customer connections, is inadequate identification at sites with multiple installations.  To avoid any unnecessary delays, each individually metered section of a multiple installation should be clearly identifiable (e.g shop, unit, office or factory number) and a site plan for correct identification of each unit, left on site.

The number should be 
permanently marked on the main switchboard, distribution board (if applicable), meter isolator and front door of the individual shop/unit, to enable Energex to complete the connection and metering required.  This also reduces the possibility of transposed or incorrectly aligned metering. 

For further information, please refer to Clause 2.7 of the Queensland Electricity Connection and Metering Manual QECMM which can also be found on our website.

NMI Creation - Multi-Tenancy Dwellings


In order to create NMIs for multi-tenancy dwellings Energex needs you to provide the details as early as possible.  This will ensure that when you create the Connect Application and Electrical Work Request (EWR), these NMIs are available for you in the Electrical Partners Portal (EPP). 
If you are currently working on multi-tenancy dwellings, including units, (3 or more dwellings) please use the “NMI CREATION FORM” found in the EPP now, so Energex can create the required NMI’s.  Please note, the lot and plan number fields are mandatory when completing the form.

This will ensure you have a more efficient process when lodging your Connect and EWR.  By having the NMI in place early also allows you to lodge your Connect and expedite your application via the EWR (for NMI’s <100amps).
NMI Creation requests will be actioned within 3 working days and a confirmation email sent, once the NMIs have been created.  NMIs will be available in the EPP when the next system update occurs.  System updates occur at 8.00am, 12pm, 6.00pm and 12am each day. 
The NMI Creation Form can be found under the reference section of the EPP or on the forms section of the Energex website.

ACS Metering Charges

Just a reminder that from 1 August 2015, upfront metering charges will apply for the installation of any new meter or where a meter needs to be reprogrammed.  A table of these charges was provided in Electrical Contractor Update Volume 6 Issue 7 with full details available via the Tariff Schedule on the Energex website pricing page.  

If Energex can reprogram a meter instead of installing a new meter, a reconfiguration fee will be charged instead of the installation fee.  It is also important to note that these upfront charges will apply to electricity retailers who will likely pass these costs onto customers through their electricity bill. 
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