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Volume 8 Issue 10  -  2 December 2016

Electrical Partners Portal Changes

Queensland Electricity Connection & Metering Manual Updated Version

Electrical Partners Portal Changes - Taking Effect Saturday 10 December 2016

Energex has recently completed an overhaul of the Electrical Partners Portal in an effort to make it more user-friendly.

We have been busy revamping our site and are excited to present just some of these changes below.

My Connect
  • Improved NMI selection criteria  
The NMI/address search for Network Connection Applications (Connects) and EWRs will now display more information to help you select the correct site. Connection status, current tariffs and any additional information will be provided.

Incompatible NMIs for your service selection will be greyed out to help to prevent incorrect submissions.  

  • Quick links to save time

The updated Electrical Partners Portal home page includes EWR “quick links”; where you can select from our highest volume EWR service selections and start completing them immediately. 

The home page will also include a “EWR Power User Links” drop down list, which will display the entire range of service selections, allowing you to easily select your desired request.    

  • Introducing the Energex “Bundle”

To prevent needing to submit multiple EWRs, we’ve created the “bundle”, an option to request multiple jobs on the same NMI. Do you need a 3 phase upgrade and a point of attachment relocation all at once? No problem, just bundle it!

  • Controlled loads

Submitting for a controlled load? EWR updates allow you to tell us what appliances you need connected and if they are internal; so that we can contact your customer to arrange access.

We’ve also added the ability to request a duel element meter, or let us know if you’re connecting a multi-phase appliance.

  • Improved metering and tariff combinations

We’ve tidied up our metering and tariff combinations, so that now when you select a meter, you’ll only be presented with compatible tariffs for your selection. We believe that this will save you time as you won’t have to search through our complete list of tariffs just to find the one you’re looking for.  

Click here for more information.

Queensland Electricity Connection & Metering Manual - Version 11 Released

The Queensland Electricity Connection and Metering Manual (QECMM) provides minimum requirements for connection of supply and metering of customer installations.
The revised QECMM Version 11 for Queensland's Electrical Contractors has been released and will be enforced from 1 December 2016.
QECMM Version 11 aligns requirements and work practices for both Energex and Ergon Energy as distribution companies.
For full details of the recent changes, please refer to the latest Standards Alert StdsA336. Also, a short presentation of the major changes is available on the QECMM web page on the Energex website.
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