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Volume 8 Issue 2 -  4 March 2016

 Embedded Generation Connection
Application Changes


Changes to Embedded Generation Connect Applications are to be implemented on Saturday 5 March 2016.  The main changes are outlined below.

Storage Batteries
New mandatory fields are required to be completed if storage batteries are to be installed for Embedded Generation connections. These fields are for additional information relating to the following:
  • Storage battery capacity (kWh)
  • Whether the storage batteries are to power electric vehicles
  • Storage battery make and model
  • Single line wiring diagrams
  • Battery design details.
Single Line Wiring Diagrams
Where storage batteries are to be installed single line wiring diagrams will be mandatory. When attaching wiring diagrams to the Connect Application, select the Tag option Storage Batteries Wiring Diagram.

CEC Accredited Designer
Storage battery design must be completed by a CEC accredited designer. The portal will validate the CEC Accreditation number against Clean Energy Council databases to ensure this level of accreditation is present.

Technical Reminders
Technical reminders have been added to the Declarations section for Embedded Generation Connect Applications. By electing to submit the Connect Application, you are accepting all declarations and agreeing to uphold these technical requirements.

Field Validation
Field validation improvements will correctly direct Connect Applications to the right evaluation path to ensure the offer provided is accurate.
An Enquiry must be submitted if the connection relates to the following selections:
  • Embedded Generation between 3kW – 5kW where the power factor lag 0.9 = NO, and Nil Export = YES.
  • Embedded Generation between 3kW – 5kW where the power factor lag 0.9 = NO, and Nil Export = NO.
Irrespective of the system kW size, the Connect Application will become negotiated if there are to be storage batteries installed or if the site is bulk metered.
For further details, refer to the Connect Standard located here.

Service Selection
A minor change has been made to the service selection criteria to accurately capture the reason for submission. The second drop down selection now provides these additional options:
  • Replace Current System – There will be a change to the approved system capacity.
  • Add Storage Batteries – The addition of storage batteries to an existing, approved system.
  • Resubmission –Update information that will not impact on the existing approval e.g. contact details.

The changes will also assist Energex with data/information regarding battery storage installations which will be used for safe network operation and emergency response as required.
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