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Volume 7 Issue 1 -  5 February 2016

Form 3 Changes
Solar PV Installations
Customer Installation Earthing 
Pool & Hot Water Rewards Extended

Form 3 Changes

From 5am Saturday 6 February 2016 to 11pm Sunday 7 February 2016, the Electrical Partners Portal (EP Portal) will be unavailable whilst some improvements to the Form 3 process are made.  These Form 3 changes will take effect from Monday 8 February 2016.

What won’t Change:

The process for contacting you if a 'Form 3 for defects' has been issued to you will still be via email or text, as currently nominated by you.

What will Change:
  • There will now be a dedicated page in the EP Portal that provides all the information that is on the paper based Form 3
  • There will be the ability to nominate up to nine different AS 3000 defects, and nine QECMM defects
  • The Energex field crew comments, describing the defects in more detail will now also be included and;
  • Electrician and customer actions have been included.
Form 3 details can be viewed in the EP Portal by:

1.  Searching for the EWR reference number
2.  Clicking on "Completed Form 3 - Left"
3.  Clicking on "View Form 3 Details".

An information sheet on these changes is also available in the Reference section of the Electrical Partners Portal.

Solar PV installations


It is a requirement that the main switch for solar PV systems are left in the 'off' position once installation is complete.  

Existing meters do not register exported electricity correctly until reprogramming or updating has been completed by Energex.  It is a requirement under Section 7.3.1 (7) of the National Electricity Rules that a meter be ‘capable of separately recording energy data for energy flows in each direction where bi-directional active energy flows occur or could occur’.

After Energex has completed the necessary metering changes the customer can contact the electrical contractor to ask if they can turn the main switch ‘on’.

Customer Installation Earthing


In certain situations, customers may, at the discretion of Energex, request to have their main switchboard connected directly back to the Energex Substation earth via a main earthing conductor. This may be acceptable where it is impossible for customers to achieve effective earthing by other means and where the two earthing systems cannot be effectively isolated. e.g. in a Chamber substation where the substation earth is in the basement of a high rise building, and the customer switchboard shares the same reinforced concrete slab as the substation.
The earthing conductor is to be chosen according to the requirements in Section 5 of AS3000, and tagged at both ends with “Consumer Earth” Tags (SC6424), with the MEN link made at the substation as per AS3000 Figure 5.2 - MEN System of Earthing – Alternative Arrangement.
Where approved, the Customers Main Earthing conductor must be:
  • Sized in accordance with AS/NZS 3000 and
  • Tagged where it connects to the Energex earthing system and at the customers main switch board with “Consumer Earth” Tags (SC6424)
Permission shall be granted on a case by case basis and the contractor must apply early to their local hub contacts to ensure the connection can be made in a safe and economical manner.

Pool & Hot Water Rewards Program Extended

Great news!  Energex has extended its Pool & Hot Water Rewards Program until   30 June 2016.  

Eligibile pool pumps and hot water systems connected to an economy tariff T31 (NTC9000) or T33 (NTC9100) will continue to receive a reward of $200.  

A customers reward is dependent on the date their application is submitted to Energex and does not take into consideration purchase or installation dates. Therefore all applications must be submitted on or before 30 June 2016 to be eligible.

For more information and a list of Frequently Asked Questions refer to our website.

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