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Volume 8 Issue 1 -  9 February 2016

 Joint Connection Standard for MEG (0-30kVa);
Solar PV Installations


Feedback on Joint Connection Standard

In August 2014, Energex and Ergon Energy requested feedback from industry partners on a new Joint Standard for Micro-Embedded Generation up to 30kVA.  After a review of this feedback, a revised version of this document is now available for further comment.

The objective of the revisions is to make MEG connections simpler and to extend automatic approval limits without causing an impact to quality of supply for all customers. The major changes in this revision are:

  • Allowing three phase inverter systems up to 15kW (Energex) and 10kW (Ergon Energy) to connect automatically without technical assessment. This has been in place in Energex since October 2015.
  • Allowing partial export, with partial export limits used for technical assessment.
  • Confirmation any generation behind a 'Break Before Make' (BBM) switch, is considered off-grid for the purpose of this standard.
  • Confirmation that Energy Storage systems connected behind an AS4777 grid connect inverter are assessed in accordance with this standard.
  • Information on electric vehicle chargers and their operating modes
  • Aligning inverter settings to new AS477.2-2015.
  • Option for Volt-VAR mode in addition to fixed power factor mode.
  • Relaxation in reverse power threshold limit to 5% in 10 seconds.
  • Where demand response modes are required as a result of a network connection agreement, the required modes are specified.
This draft can be found at Establishing a connection using solar power.

Feedback is open until 18 March 2016, and replies can be sent to


Solar PV installations

It is a requirement that the main switch for solar PV systems are left in the 'off' position once installation is complete.  

Existing meters do not register exported electricity correctly until reprogramming or updating has been completed by Energex.  It is a requirement under Section 7.3.1 (7) of the National Electricity Rules that a meter be ‘capable of separately recording energy data for energy flows in each direction where bi-directional active energy flows occur or could occur’.

After Energex has completed the necessary metering changes the customer can contact the electrical contractor to ask if they can turn the main switch ‘on’.

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