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Volume 7 Issue 2 - 21 April 2016

Common Customer Report (Form 3) Faults
Common Network Charges 
Off Peak Tariff Changes
Meter Isolation Links
Portal User Guides

Most Common Form 3 Faults for March

In February, changes were made to the way Energex advised Contractors of Form 3 faults at a customer's property.  The Form 3 details can be viewed in the EP Portal by:
  1. Searching for the EWR reference number
  2. Clicking on "Completed Form 3 - Left"
  3. Clicking on "View Form 3 Details".
For March, the most common faults were:
  1. Incorrect or unsuitable Meter wiring
  2. Defective or unsuitable POA (Point Of Attachment)
  3. Damaged or defective Fixed wiring
  4. Exposed live parts
  5. Not installed or defective Labelling.
In addition, there has been a notable increase in the number of directly earthed metallic metering enclosures, which are electrically unsafe.

The use of XLPE insulated cabling i.e. Compressed or Hard Drawn conductors as meter wiring is also not permitted. As per the QECMM  Section 7.16 any prohibited cabling installed will prevent metering from being connected.

Common Network Charges

Energex has developed a list of Common Network Charges to assist in advising customers of costs for certain services. The final charge reflected on the customer’s retail bill may vary, so customers should also contact their retailer to ensure there are no additional charges.

For a full list of all Network Charges please refer to the Energex Tariff Schedule.

Off Peak Tariff Charges

Changes have occurred to the terms and conditions of off-peak tariffs in regards to restrictions and approved appliances.  These changes are as follows:
  • A customers off-peak tariff cannot be used for the purpose of filling a battery storage unit.
  • Customers can now only connect the following Approved Items to an Off- Peak Tariff:
    • Electric storage water heaters with thermostatically controlled or continuously operating heating units.
    • Boost elements of Solar-heated water heaters.
    • Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment
    • Pool Filtration Systems
    • Other appliances including air conditioners, washing machines and dishwashers that have been previously approved to be hard wired to an economy tariff circuit. 
This means no new air conditioners, washing machines and dishwashers are allowed to be connected.

Meter Isolation Links

Contractors must check the suitability and construction of meter isolation links being used before installation.  In addition you must also ensure meter isolation links are being installed correctly.  Further details can be found on the Electrical Contractors page under Safety Alerts.

Portal User Guides

User Guides are available in the Electrical Partners Portal under Reference Information.  Click here for more details on how to enter an Enquiry, Connection Application or EWR.

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