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Volume 8 Issue 8  -  11 November 2016

Power of Choice Update
Battery Installation
MyPower App


Power of Choice Update

Power of Choice reform is just over 12 months away. Effective 1 December 2017, the national reform will allow customers to make informed choices about their electricity use, including tariffs.
In Queensland, this change means that Energex and Ergon Energy will no longer install or replace meters at a customer premises. This work will be performed by contestable Meter Providers nominated by the customer’s retailer. Energex and Ergon Energy will continue to read and maintain their existing meters until these are eventually replaced by retailers’ meters.
The below diagrams demonstrate a basic installation where Energex will be energising to the Meter Isolation Link (MIL) and the Meter Provider energising from the MIL through their metering to the Main Switch:

Should you have any questions please contact the Energex Electrical Contractor Enquiries Line on 1300 762 397 (option 1). 


Battery Installation - Important Information

Before installing a battery you are required to submit an application to your electricity distributor to advise intent to connect your battery storage system to the network.

To notify Energex that you are installing a battery you can do this via the Electrical Partners Portal, refer below;

If you are installing batteries on a controlled load tariff, you must ensure it’s hard wired and you are not crossing tariffs.

For example, customers are not permitted to charge batteries on a controlled load and discharge them on circuits or equipment that is or can be plugged to the general light and power circuit.

Further information concerning battery requirements can be found within the Ergon Energy and Energex Connection Standard, Micro Embedded Generating Units (0 - ≤30 kVA).


Download Energex’s MyPower App

Did you know that Energex has an app that helps customers to connect with us quickly and easily through their mobile device, allowing them to log tree trim requests, faulty street lights, vandalism to our equipment and update their dog/meter access details.

Download the MyPower app for free from the iTunes store or Google Play.
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