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Volume 6 Issue 2 - 24 March 2015

NECF-Ready Workshops

National Energy Customer Framework (NECF)

There has been a strong response to the NECF-ready Workshops, which will run from 11 May 2015 to 3 June 2015, with seating capacity expanded at many venues.

NECF requirements will affect new connections and alterations to existing connections. This means that a customer connection agreement will be required prior to submission of an Electrical Work Request (EWR).  Due to the technical nature of the information required on the customer connection agreement, most customers are likely to need to ask their electrical contractor to complete the agreement. 
It will affect all types of services: residential, commercial, unmetered supply and industrial.  Non-compliance with the new laws will result in delays in completing work.

These changes will be implemented by Energex from late May 2015.   
Further information will be provided in future Electrical Contractor Updates.  

The workshops will provide information on what will be required and changes to the Electrical Partners’ Portal.  Please visit our website to check availability and to register for these workshops. 

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