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Volume 7 Issue 5 - 27 July 2016

Common Customer Report (Form 3) Faults
Common Network Charges 
Energex Website
Meter Isolation Links
Upgrading Underground Supplies

Common Customer Report (Form 3) Faults

An audit by Energex on the number of Electricity Defect Reports (Form 3) issued by Energex staff in the last 6 months has identified some areas of concern.

The 3 most common faults reported and where you can source information concerning these faults are noted below;
  1. Exposed live parts – AS / NZS 3000 : 2007
  2. Meter isolation links  – QECMM Clause 7.2
  3. Meter wire incorrect – QECMM Clause 7.13 – 7.17

Common Network Charges


Energex has developed a list of Common Network Charges to assist you in advising customers of costs for certain services. The final charge reflected on the customer’s retail bill may vary and customers should also contact their retailer to ensure there are no additional charges.

You can find this document within the Energex Electrical Partners Portal under the "References" section.

For a full list of all Network Charges please refer to the
Energex Tariff Schedule.

 Energex Website – New Look & Feel


The new look Energex website will be available next month.

You can now view the Energex website (excluding Portals, SWP and Technical documents) on all devices – desktop/PC, tablet or smartphone.

Click on the Contractors & Service Providers section in the black header to access all your key information. 

Please ensure you check your bookmarks or favourites as they may no longer work.

If you have any questions or suggestions to the website, please email us at

Meter Isolation Links – Screws Not Tightened


Contractors are asked to please check the tightness of the retaining screws in all Meter Isolation Links purchased to be installed.       

 Upgrading Underground Supplies


When upgrading an existing underground supply it is good practice to check Supply Availability first to determine if the required phases and fuses are available at the pillar. 

To check Supply Availability, log into the Electrical Partners Portal and under the MyCONNECT tab you can select Enquiry and then Supply Availability.
Please note;

  • The supply pillar will generally be located on a property boundary and provides supply to adjacent lots and street lighting.
  • Customer conduits and consumer mains shall run from the MSB to the supply pillar via the customer premise.
  • For domestic underground supply upgrades or new installations, Energex will not approve underground consumer mains to be run across roads or in road reserve. The installation of a new pillar may be required to provide customer supply requirements. 

Please refer to QECMM clauses 5.5. Underground Service Lines, and 5.3.1 Working on or near the Distributor’s Assets for further details.

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